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Primeval Whirl

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 5 out of 10

Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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A “wild mouse” coaster, like you’d find at a typical carnival or state fair, with the added “twist” of spinning cars.


This is the worst area in WDW, and this is the worst ride at WDW. It not only has awful theming that would look tacky at a typical Six Flags, but it actually hurts to ride. This is not only the worst ride at WDW, but it is one of the worst rides I have ever ridden. I absolutely loath it. Just get rid of it. 0/10
I like the whole concept of Chester and Hester's cheep roadside attraction theming here and this ride fits in perfectly. It's a fun little ride that usually doesn't have much of a line and our family enjoys riding it. 7/10
I had so much fun on it! The drops and sharp turns and spinning cars were so fun and thrilling!
For a moment i thought that I was in Fun Spot. Then, I realized that I was in one of Walt Disney World's 4 theme parks and you need to pay 100 bucks to go in it.
Seriously, Disney? Cheap carnival rides? They need to bulldoze this area and creat a REAL Dinosaur Land. Chester and Hester's Dinorama is just absurd. 0/10
Although many people dislike this ride, I think Primeval Whirl isn't all that bad. It's a quick family ride that isn't too thrilling but isn't terribly boring. It won't make or break your Disney trip if you don't ride it, but if you have some spare time or the line is short, why not? It's probably pretty enjoyable for kids, so I wouldn't get rid of it. If you get dizzy easily, you may want to skip this ride, but besides that the ride is OK.
Overall - 6/10
Fun if you can stand the jerkiness and the line is not long. 6/10
Cheap. Jerky. Not disney standards 6/10
This was a fun twist on a roller coaster. Not on par with Crush's Coaster in Paris, but I wasn't expecting that.
I was put in this ride next to a fat guy who smelled and crushed me during the painful ride. This part of the park is an eye sour and is far below Disney standard. And no, building Fun Spot and call it a theme is insulting to Fun Spot and CHEAP!
Yeah, it is a carnival ride thrown in a Disney park. But so is Space Mountain.. Only difference is that Space Mountain is so dark you have no idea! Sure it's theming is not on Disney par, but it is a good spinning ride. If it were at another park it would get much higher ratings. I still like it! (7/10)
Bland and ugly. Remove this cardboard cut-out carnival ride and all of DinoRama. It's really holding Disney's Animal Kingdom back.
This whole area should be bulldozed.
It's a standard off-the-shelf spinning coaster...But boy is it fun! The drops give air time; spins provide thrill. The theme throughout it not the best, and should be better, but works with the area. It's slightly intense, and whirl of a time! 8/10.
Wish the seats were better. But other than being smushed in this ride is pretty cool. I like the spinning and the drops are to fun.

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