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Counter Service Restaurant

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Originally a McDonald’s, Disney took over the operation of this counter-service restaurant after its promotional deal with the fast food chain ended in 2006. You’ll still find burgers on the menu, along with a veggie burger, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, and a macaroni-and-cheese-topped hot dog (with bacon bits). Prices run from $9-11.


Food was average theming good. Its ok if your near it and need something fast try it but if you want a great dinning experience skip it
Good food. Great theme. Go here for the basics. 7/10.
Only place to find pizza wich was pretty much the only think I ate for a week.
It was an ok place to stop and get a quick bit to eat. The food was pretty good it was just hard to find a seat when we went.
It okay but the park needs more of these "lower-class" restaurants instead of packing everyone into this one! 4/10

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