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Rivers of Light debuted in February 2017, after a nearly year-long delay. Notable for its original IP, not referencing any Disney animation characters, Rivers of Light calls four Animal Spirit Guides — an elephant, owl, a tiger, and a turtle — whose spiritual journeys frame the production, which features water screens, physical props, and lighting effects.


The GOOD: Visually stunning and gentle. Great to be able to sit.
The BAD: May seem underwhelming compared to the grand fireworks of the other parks. Less likely to give you that epic feeling.
RATING: Personally, this is my least favorite nighttime show at WDW, but still a wonderful addition. 8/10.
Great concept and visually stunning. This is basically WDW's version of World of Color. Great nighttime show for what basically is a zoo. I thought it was a little short though!
I would argue that this is the best Disney show in America. While shows like Happily Ever After, Fantasmic, or World of Color are arguably superior, this ride has the benefit of being not only gorgeous in every sense but entirely original. No show out there better represents a park as this one. Animal Kingdom's message, theming, and feel are all here, and they are all beautiful. It's just amazing. 10/10
A beautiful show that refreshes and inspired you instead of overstimulating you with yet another round of the same Disney songs you've heard all day. Get a FP+ or dining package to avoid having to show up 2+ hours early for stand-by.
With no Disney songs to be found in this show, this is very new, resfreshing, and beautiful and a big step for shows at AK and at the whole resort as a whole. The technology is impressive but I feel like there is still something missing in it. Still, this is a good show that you should see at least once. 8.5/10

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