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Another “Dumbo"-style ride, except that you’re riding on a baby Triceratops, instead of on a flying elephant.


There are more flat rides in the world, Disney. And if you put a Dombo rip off in there again please plus it. This has no place in a Disney park.
Another spinner? Come on guys.
Why is there a need for another one of these crappy Dumbo rides. One is bad enough but is there really a need for 3 of them in Walt Disney World. 2/10
I took one of my daughters on this and she wasn't very interested in it. I tried to bring another one of the girls on it and the queue stopped moving when I was two spaces away from the front. The employees made everyone get off. They kept telling us it would be just another minute, but they were just standing there and not doing anything. They were very rude. They refused to tell us what was happening or what they were waiting for. After 30 minutes of being told "just another minute" we got out of line.

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