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Take this train from the park’s Africa section to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and, on the way, take a look behind-the-scenes at some of the park’s animal support facilities.


This is less a review of the train and more a review of Rafakii's planet watch.

When I went to Animal Kingdom, I saw a sign for Planet Watch, so we went on the train. After the rather long train ride, we arrived at a weird place with a bunch of stands selling stuff and some animals. We realized it was pretty lame. However, the train ride back was a 30 minute wait. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND riding this train, as it will take away a lot of your time.

A train ride to no where with no scenic views is amazing in a huge park that has so many beautiful vista's. And as almost every ride in this park it's short and boring. I would love to see this train expand and travel all over the park.
I was bored with this ride honestly, but it was nice to be able to sit down after walking through most of the attractions here. We did not get off the train because the map showed it was just a little area of petting animals. We enjoyed how the train faced one direction yet it seemed we were always facing opposite of the speakers main pointed areas.
Surprising well themed train. Educational and cool. 7/10.
The only thing I can say about this is that the actual train looks nice.
The only positive is that its authentically themed like a train in a less than third world nation. Otherwise the trip has uneventful scenery. Not worth a wait.
COMPLETE LOST OF TIME! Only thing average on the other side is the conservation center. 2/10
Don't get on this unless you enjoy watching the employee's cars as you chug along slowly to an isolated area with nothing to do in it. Also you have to queue up again to get back to the main part of the park. AVOID IT! 0/10
An ordinary train ride. You can sometimes spot animals in their holding areas.

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