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California Screamin' reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for California Screamin', a roller coaster in Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: February 17, 2010

This steel coaster (built to look wooden) offers up a 0-55 launch in four seconds, a 107-foot drop and a vertical loop around a Mickey Mouse logo. You'll also hear "surf guitar" music through an on-board soundtrack, a la "Space Mountain."

This coaster currently has a maximum of 5 cars running at one time.

An on-ride camera lets guests take home a picture of their screaming on the ride.

For a limited time in January 2007, to help increase attendance, the audio track for California Screamin' was temporarily replaced with a remix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Around the World," and the attraction was renamed Rockin' California Screamin'. This was promoted with Rockin' Space Mountain, a similar change made to Space Mountain in Disneyland. These changes were part of the "Rockin' Both Parks" campaign.

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It it a top notch coaster. No. But it is a kick in the pants and a nice addition to the parks. - David Matecki

Screamin' is presented as an antiquated wooden coaster, but is in fact a modern steel looper with a 0–55mph launch, some nice drops, a single elliptical loop, several camelbacks toward the end of the course, and a nice 2.5 minute ride length. Screamin' doesn't set any thrill records, but it is a fun ride and something the whole family should be able to experience together. I will note that the cast members here are very efficient at filling each available row and seat, but you can request the front row if you so desire. Just be prepared to wait a few extra minutes for that choice location. I did wait for the front once, and while it provided a great view of the proceedings, pretty much any seat offers a fun ride. - James Rao

This coaster is a whole lot of fun but I don't think it deserves a 9/10. I could probably think of at least 25 coasters I've been on that were better than California Screamin'. The ride is pretty long which is great and also has a launch. But the lack of theme is disappointing for me. There isn't much to the ride except for the launch. 7/10 - Joe Keenen

I rate it fair only because it starts with a good launch. As far as coasters go, there are man. Of them out there better than this one. Nothing about it really stands out to set it apart for me. - Carl Stovall

FINALLY, a roller coaster that the Anaheim property can be proud of. Not that I'm not a fan of the Matterhorn, Space and Big Thunder Mountains, because I am...but THIS is a real roller coaster. It's themed to look like a wooden roller coaster from the old days, but a wooden roller coaster it is not. It's a 0-60 launch through a series of loops, spins and twirls that run almost the entire span of the Paradise Pier area. What's particularly great is that the ride is smoother than you'd expect, one of the smoothest steel coasters I've ever been on. The second hill climb provides a nice view of the resort and surrounding area. An instant classic to be sure. - Jeff Haslam

this is a great roller coaster i love the launch, the music and the loop. - daniel reyes

A perfect Roller Coaster that represents Disney lever quality! It is a ride, although mild compares to the thrill rides other park has to offer, that stills get a few screams out of veteran coaster riders. It has a nice initial burst that brings you over the top of the first slope, and the intensity of the ride doesn't really stop until the very end. It is fast, and high enough to give you the butter flies in your stomach feeling. The 360 degree loop to me is a surprise to be seen at a Disney park, it is also the highlight of the ride. Speaking of high light, the sound track of this ride also adds the thrill to the experience. For those who've ridden many time, you can tell the music is composed precisely to the curves and the drop. Over all an amazing ride. Be sure to be in line for California Screaming when you visit California Adventure park! - Jeremy Hu

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