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The former Mulholland Madness has bee rethemed as Goofy's Sky School, based on the 1940's Goofy Cartoon "Goofy's Glider." The revamped attraction opened officially on July 1, 2011.


Got the coaster credit thanks to the convenient single rider line. While not near the absolutely atrocious Primeval Whirl, it is pretty bad. It is just a bland and slightly painful wild mouse with a cheap Goofy theme. Unless you want the credit, skip it. 4/10
I loved it! Feeling like you're going fly off the track adds to the thrill, but you certainly won't actually fly off! The drops were so fun!
This ride is pretty underrated! Yeah it doesn't have an opening drop like the other two So Cal wild mice have, but it's switchbacks are great. They pull a lot of lateral g's. Even though I'm not a fan of the theming, I still like this coaster, and I'm willing to wait up to 25 minutes for it.
I thought Disney was really stupid on renaming muhollNd madness to Goofys Sky School! I loved it when it was Muholland Madness. I know Disney wants to be " family friendly" , but hey, teens need a little thrill. Worth going on once. Two out of Five Stars
Just for the sake of coaster credit, I visited Goofy's Sky School as I circled the Pier. This coaster is an off the shelf wild mouse, and while it is pleasantly themed and fairly smooth, it is the same old, mediocre, start and stop coaster you've ridden at dozens of parks across the nation. If you like "yay" / "ouch" rides, you'll like this coaster. I got my credit then moved on, never to return.
Fair. It is a wild mouse coaster, but since it's Goofy, I rate it a little better than average.
Warn your kids before you go on: you will feel like you're going to fly off the track, but you wont!
Went on this ride few days ago during the soft opening, and was happy to find the ride is now more intersting than before. I liked this ride when back in the days when it's called Mulholland Madness, and still like its newer form. The ride itself hasn't change at all, but now with new theming. With Goofy's attempt to achieve his American Dream, he converted his chicken coop into a flight school. But you know after all, it's Goofy's flight school. The moment when you take off you see planes sticking into billboards, a cracked safty sign, and all the crazy things. The first drop is descenet, the second drop is also fun. This ride is a roller coaster for the little ones but also fun for the adults. However I'd say if the wait time is longer than 25 minutes, consider coming back or, as part of the rennovation now the fastpass is available for this attraction, get a fast pass and stop by later in the day.

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