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Grizzly River Run

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Rapids Ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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Billed as the longest, tallest and fastest "tub-style" river raft ride in the world. Look to get plenty wet, but don't expect the characters and songs that Disney delivered on its "Splash Mountain" log flume rides.


This ride doesn't need AAs imo. The river itself and the beautiful trees are the attraction. Plus the storyline is the bear spirit which gives the mountain it's shape and sound not actual bears. This is the e ticket and land from opening day that was done right.
This raft ride is incredible and it actual has two drops not just one. I found it very entertaining for a river rapid type ride. 10/10
The ride shocked me. I was expecting a pretty sub-par experience, but I really enjoyed the ride. I thought it was great fun. It was fun to guess who was going to get soaked next. Although it lacked a major story, it had such an incredible atmosphere that I was able to forget about that on the ride. 7/10
I went to the park at opening especially to ride this ride a few times and check it off my list. I took a change of clothes and stashed them in a free locker and enjoyed the walk on wait time twice. The environment is fantastic. The ride experience is fun, it's just not a full a rich as I'd hoped for. I think adding a score would help. I know it's difficult to tell a story or a round raft ride, but it would have been fun to at least see some bears in the cave to go along with the sound effects. I had hoped that it would be good enough to warrant additional rides, but I think I can check it off the list.
This ride is really underrated. On this ride, you go through rapids AND you go through not one, but two drops. Also, it's really nicely themed to a California national park. It's overall a really fun and exciting experience and is always a must hit when I go to California Adventure
When it's hot outside this ride it great. Get soaked, cool off, and dry off in no time.
It's a really good rafting ride. The scenery across it is beautiful, but I just wish some animatronics could accompany the scenery. That being said, one of the few rides that were at DCA's opening that are worthy of being in Disneyland.

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