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Luigi's Flying Tires

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Bumper car
Minimum height to ride: 32 inches

Robert Niles

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Published: June 15, 2012

Luigi's Flying Tires is similar in design to the old Tomorrowland Flying Saucer ride, but instead of UFO's, the theme is tires, which float on a cushion of air.

Jesus Eduardo de la Garza Robles
this game is fun and although it can be frustrating to understand how it works, one thing against it is that when one can have a sunburn during the line
David Matecki
I am surprised at the low rating. This ride is awesome. Like a large air hockey table. And if you catch on we did you can really get that thing moving.
James Rao
Luigi's Flying Tires, even with no wait, was lousy. I rode the darn thing several times to make sure I gave it a fair shake, but it really is not fun. I mean, even when you do get your tire moving, it goes SO SLOW there is no thrill. And once you hit someone else, it takes another 10 - 15 seconds to get moving again. Full disclosure, I hate bumper cars, but I would rather ride bumper cars than Luigi's Flying Tires. This attraction is just a waste of a time – pretty and well decorated, but a waste nonetheless. I am not sure what Disney should put in its place, but something needs to be done, and soon.
Chris S
While Disney could have simply put in a typical carnival midway ride, they instead went with a unique concept. Think of the ride as bumper cars if they were pucks on an air hockey table. Fun ride!
Mark Kausch
I love this ride even more than I miss the Flying Saucers! It's a shame that they had to get rid of the beach balls, but if you pay attention to the instructions this ride is ridiculously easy to operate. And what's so bad about bumper cars?
Brandon Mendoza
This attraction gets a bad rap because people just don't know how to control the Tires. Tons of fun once you get a hang of controlling the tires.
Carl Stovall
Queue was very well done, but the ride is a very wimpy bumper cars ride.
Tyler Stover
I couldn't stop laughing during this ride. It was easy to make the tire move, but much harder to make it move exactly how you want it. Trying to make that happen so you can snag one of the beach balls is a ton of fun. I'm sure the slow loading hampers the fun, and I admit I was spoiled by not having to wait, but I'd be willing to wait in a pretty big line for this one again. There aren't a whole lot of similar theme park experiences out there.
Seth Kubersky
More fun to watch than ride, and not worth the wait-to-fun ratio unless you're the first one in line for the day.

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