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The new gondola wheel that just replaced the former Sun Wheel on May 8th, 2009. It consists of a giant Mickey head where the sun was, new lighting effects, a red-painted color scheme on the wheel, and with gondolas painted with the Disney character faces. It matches the Victorian theme of the nearby Toy Story Mania and Games of the Boardwalk.


This and Finding Nemo are the only rides at Disneyland I absolutely can't tolerate. Finding Nemo is too claustrophobic, and this ride would make me dizzy. I can actually handle any Ferris wheel, but not his one. I don't get motion sick, but I think this ride would. Maybe not the stationary ones, but the swaying ones would.
I'm not a fan of this ride. I chose to ride in the swinging gondolas, and I regretted it. First off, this ride lasts way to long. Second, it swings too much. Although I like the drops, the constant swinging made me want to puke. Also, I hate that there is nothing to hold onto. If there was a lap bar or something for me to hold onto, I would've given this ride a higher ranking. I've been on every single ride at Disneyland Resort, and this is my least favorite. The views aren't even that great, you get better views on Screamin!
Beware of the swinging cars that also move on a track. They are equipped with barf bags for a reason!
I rode in the swinging cars on Mickey's Fun Wheel which provides a neat, weightless feeling as your swinging car "falls" during the spin. However, this "fall" only happens once per cycle which makes the attraction a complete waste of time.
The best ferris wheel I have ever ridden. As far as ferris wheels go, I think this deserves an 8 or 9 rating. I've never been on one that has swinging seating so maybe that's just why I want to give it a good rating. The line length was a little long for a ferris wheel, but it was worth it. 9/10
I love this ride and am amazed at how it horrifies so many people.
It's a ferris wheel, so don't expect a ton of excitement. We did get lucky and happen to ride during the Disneyland fireworks show, so we watched a lot of that from the top of the wheel. I rate it good due to that potential.

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