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Mickey's Fun Wheel reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Mickey's Fun Wheel, a ferris wheel in Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure.

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Posted: May 7, 2009

The new gondola wheel that just replaced the former Sun Wheel on May 8th, 2009. It consists of a giant Mickey head where the sun was, new lighting effects, a red-painted color scheme on the wheel, and with gondolas painted with the Disney character faces. It matches the Victorian theme of the nearby Toy Story Mania and Games of the Boardwalk.

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I rode in the swinging cars on Mickey's Fun Wheel which provides a neat, weightless feeling as your swinging car "falls" during the spin. However, this "fall" only happens once per cycle which makes the attraction a complete waste of time. - James Rao

The best ferris wheel I have ever ridden. As far as ferris wheels go, I think this deserves an 8 or 9 rating. I've never been on one that has swinging seating so maybe that's just why I want to give it a good rating. The line length was a little long for a ferris wheel, but it was worth it. 9/10 - Joe Keenen

I love this ride and am amazed at how it horrifies so many people. - Rob McCullough

It's a ferris wheel, so don't expect a ton of excitement. We did get lucky and happen to ride during the Disneyland fireworks show, so we watched a lot of that from the top of the wheel. I rate it good due to that potential. - Carl Stovall

The swinging cars are even more exciting that they look - this may actually be the scariest thrill ride in the park! - Mostly Anonymous

I went on both the stationary and the moving gondolas. On the stationary one, it just your typical ferris wheel but very high at the top when you reach it. Great view of the park and the surrounding area. On the moving one, let's hope you don't have motion sickness. It will sway one the ferris wheel stops. It can be somewhat nerve wracking as it sways since there is no seat belt or restaining device inside it. Kids could get a little scared when it sways. Kids better take someone with you to coax you when you are on it. - D.S. Francisco

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