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Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

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Think of this as "Tom Sawyer's Island" for bigger kids. This faux campground offers zip lines, cargo nets, forts and suspension bridges for exploration. Join Russell from Up and become a Wilderness Explorer by completing some of the challenges on the trail. Note that some challenges might have a height requirement.


Little kids will enjoy it most, older kids may get bored. Treehouses with rope bridges/suspension bridges/cargo nets, kid zipline, slides, climbing wall, splash pad, cave, and logs to climb through. In addition, cast members can give kids a list to search for and if they find them, they get a Wilderness Explorer Badge, and there is a Wilderness Explorer Ceremony during the day, featuring the characters from Up.
I think this is great. My son did not want to leave. Could have spent all day here.
This playground is very well done. I have always felt that Camp Jurassic at Islands of Adventure was the best attraction of this type but Redwood Creek sets the bar even higher. Rope bridges, slides, rock walls, caves, this play area has it all. I was thoroughly impressed. And for the younger kids the cast members hand out a list of things for which they can search and when they have completed their searching the kids earn Wilderness Explorer Badges as a reward. Even my kids, a little older than the target crowd, had fun running around and burning off steam. I highly recommend the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail to families with kids of all ages.

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