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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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Drop Tower
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror's conceit offers that a bolt of lightning knocked the 13th floor of Hollywood's favorite gathering place into the fifth dimension. And that the tale of that supernatural event is told in a "lost episode" of Rod Serling's television series.

That Hollywood Tower Hotel looms over California Adventure's Sunset Boulevard, as its predecessor does at Disney-MGM Studios in Walt Disney World. But while the Florida version bears a passing resemblance to the real Hollywood Tower, California Adventure's hotel evokes Pasadena's Castle Green, with a kick of art deco flavor.

From the lobby, bellhops beckon you into the library, crammed with authentic Twilight Zone TV props and a short video featuring the Tower's back story, narrated by a cleverly edited Serling himself. You are to enter the tower through a service elevator, and to experience for yourself the journey into the Fifth Dimension where the hotel's previous guests were lost. So it is through the back door into the boiler room, where the elevators await.

Here you will find another difference from the Florida original. The loading deck is split on two floors, and the elevators here travel in a single shaft. Florida's Tower of Terror takes riders up one shaft, where the elevator pauses for a few show scenes. Then the elevator follows a vanished family through the fifth dimension and into a second, drop shaft, where a blast of lightning sends riders into one of a randomly chosen sequence of drops and launches.

In California Adventure's version, your first movement is back, not up. The shaft melts into a star field as the elevator shoots upward to lobby level, where riders can gaze at themselves in a mirror, only to watch their images dissolve into apparitions. Go ahead, wave your arms and watch the ghost "you" wave back. Then it's swiftly up another level, where you meet up with that vanished family, beckoning you down the hall.

In Florida, your elevator would leave the shaft and follow. Here, you remain, watching them board an elevator which drops into space. As yours does immediately after. The drop surprised me, as it led immediately into this Tower of Terror's drop sequence.


LOVE IT!!!!!!! I wish it had the Fifth Dimension/elevator leaving the shaft as in WDW, but still amazing!
I think this a far, far inferior version to DW's version. The whole experience just seems to be lacking and feels like a knock off version of the original. From the bizarre boiler room to the slightly off Rod Serling narration to the lesser effects on the ride, it all just seems off. It isn't just the missing 5th dimension; everything just feels off. However, it is still the Tower of Terror and likely a great experience for those unfamiliar with DW's version. I'm a bit mixed on the ride, but I would give it a 7/10
Great ride. The theming is superb and the drops are great. Although it's inferior to the WDW version, it's still a pretty great ride.
This ride is everything I look for in a ride. It really is quite perfect. Suprisingly it is a pretty old ride, which I didn't realize my first time riding it. I was honestly too scared too think about anything at all. But this ride is nothing too be afraid of. It does seem pretty scary from the outside and inside, but its looks just make it all the more better.
My ideally perfect ride needs too have a good story set up before you ride. Not a poorly put together story, but a real good storyline. This ride has such a strong storyline that it leaves you wanting to go back each time.
One of the other amazing things about this ride is the castmembers. They're always in character, but silly character. My first time riding, while nervously loosing feeling of my feet in the video watching sequence, the castmember standing inside with us as I was clearly freaking out came up beside me ans stood there for a good minute or two from behind me staring at me without me noticing. When I finally did notice I jumped a bit and then died of laughter. Then while waiting too board the ride another castmember walked around us and would poke our shoulders leaving the guests confused. Really adds too the storyline. They're also really nice! They let me and my family ride the last ride of the night just us once and we were able too sit wherever we pleased.
The ride is so fun, making you nervous each time before waiting too drop. Such a great concept, I will forever be facsinated by it. It is a bit bumpy, and the ride does break down occasionally. Just follow their safety regulations, and you'll be fine. Its completely safe! Must ride!
Of course one of the favorites. I think the WDW version is better. You actually move along a track moving forward in the WDW one.
Yes, the version of the ride at DCA does not have the extended Fifth Dimension movement of the classic Orlando original, but when Rod Serling says, "One stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare. That door is opening once again, but this time it's opening for you," and your elevator starts to work its magic, the missing 5th dimension scene doesn't matter because the Tower of Terror flat out rocks in any form. It is still immersive, exciting, and transcendental. It is still the ride that made all other drop rides obsolete.
This is one of only two california versions of shared attractions that are not better than those found in Florida, Splash Mountain being the other.
I miss the stroll through the hotel grounds in Florida. I miss how the tower is first viewed from the far. End of Sunset blvd. I also miss hearing the screams of those on the ride. Why can't we hear the screams in California?
The ride lacks the complexity of the version at DHS,but it is still loads of fun.
Great themeing, but the actual ride gave me a headache.
I didn't feel there was much difference between this version and Hollywood Studios. The ride is outstanding.
While it pales in comparison to its Florida counterpart, this attraction is still a power house at the Disneyland Resort. The editor's description is sufficient with no reason to add any additional detail here.

It's one of Disney's best and one of the very few E-ticket offerings at California Adventure that would compete side by side with attractions like Indiana Jones, Pirates and Splash Mountain. Heavy on story and theming and a thrill to say the least. If you get motion sick, you might should sit this one out...though I'll be sad for you if you do. It really is one of the best attractions out there.

by far my favorite ride in California Adventure, the 13 story drop is amazing and not to mention the effects and the creepy bell hops. I absolutly love this ride!!!!

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