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The Studios’ nighttime spectacular plays in a massive open-air theater located behind Sunset Boulevard. Copied from the original version at California’s Disneyland, Fantasmic! celebrates Mickey Mouse’s imagination through a combination of live action performances, film clips projected onto water-mist screens, water stunts, lasers and pyrotechnics. You’ll see scenes from several popular Disney films, leading up to a climatic battle between Mickey and the evil Maleficent. It all ends well, of course, with appearances by a boatload of Disney characters at the end. (We mean that literally, of course.)


After experiencing the far superior Disneyland version, I just can't look at this version the same way because it's just not as perfect as DL's. Honestly, if you've seen the Disneyland version you might as well just skip this show entirely. If you've never seen the other version, you'll likely then be blown away by this show. While missing a lot of scenes from the other version, this show still does have amazing special effects, lighting, and Disney characters. It's just not like the original. 8/10
It just really needs an update. The idea is really cool and fun, I like when Disney goes a little darker with things and this Mickey vs. the villains is just a really great idea. Unfortunately, they just haven't kept up enhancing the show and some of the effects are downright embarrassing (dragon, cough, cough).
Great show, although I wish they'd update the films/story to include more modern shows, or even some Pixar stuff... However, hands down, it is something you need to experience at DHS. One of the best shows on property overall.
I can't even watch this after experiencing DLR's version. It's missing so much from DLR's.

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