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Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Outdoor Show

Robert Niles

Photo of Fantasmic!

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Published: February 15, 2015

The Studios’ nighttime spectacular plays in a massive open-air theater located behind Sunset Boulevard. Copied from the original version at California’s Disneyland, Fantasmic! celebrates Mickey Mouse’s imagination through a combination of live action performances, film clips projected onto water-mist screens, water stunts, lasers and pyrotechnics. You’ll see scenes from several popular Disney films, leading up to a climatic battle between Mickey and the evil Maleficent. It all ends well, of course, with appearances by a boatload of Disney characters at the end. (We mean that literally, of course.)

Joe Keenen
Great combination of lighting and special effects. Fantasmic is a must see show. Not only are the special effects amazing, but the show also tells a story. You'll see many of your favorite Disney characters in the show. Adults and kids alike will definitely enjoy this show. Perfect way to end the day at Hollywood Studios. 9/10
Eric Stankovitz
Absolutely an awesome show that everybody must see and experience...
This could be so much more then it is now but still a fair show and a reason to stay.
Chris C.
Desperately needs an upgrade to make it on par with World of Color and the upgraded, vastly superior version of this show at Disneyland. It relies too heavily on the mist screens; at the show's worst point, we're staring at a boring, pointless procession of Disney characters in bubbles on the mist screens for several minutes.
Jose Carlos Mahbub
Disneyland's Fantasmic was better, this one lacks of the magic of the acting, is too much use of the water screens (which are still awesome if you ask me)
Lame when compared to the Disneyland version. It relies more on the fountains and less on live action, which made it seem like a scaled-down and less beautiful version of WoC at DCA. The Peter Pan scene is missing, as is the Pink Elephants on Parade scene. On the bright side, it DOES have Jafar turning into a cobra, which was cool, but that doesn't make up for the things I just listed.
Sean Huckel
Needs lots of help. I love the show, but it is in BAD shape.
Rob Pastor
Fabulous night show. Great effects & a nice story. It just awes us every time we see it. We try to make three shows per vacation. A Disney spectacular. Fantasmic & the new Universal Cinematic are our favorite night presentations.

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