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Counter Service Restaurant

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Inspired by the arcade in Pixar’s Toy Story (though it doesn’t look anything like it), Pizza Planet is a counter-service restaurant serving individual pizzas and meatball subs for lunch and dinner, at around $9-11. There’s extra seating upstairs, if you’d like to avoid some of the noise of the arcade games.


O T, this definitely isn't high dollar Italian Pizza, but it's American Pizza at a high level for the price in my opinion. We eat here typical every trip for lunch or a quick dinner before running over to Fantasmic. Is the theming awful and cheap...Yes...the little green aliens they have hanging from the ceiling aren't even in the right color outfits from the Toy Story movies, which really bugs me but only so much that I get my pizza and eat outside, which I would do anyway as it's extremely loud typically with all the games and kids inside.
If you like bad theming and bad pizza's this is your place. If not, like me, go somewhere else. There are much better options.
We ate here on our last visit (Feb. 2013) and were pleasantly surprised. The lines moved quick. The food was very good. Italian food choices and as far as Disney goes, a great value. The portion sizes were good.

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