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Table Service Restaurant

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Whether it’s lunch or dinner, it’s always nighttime at the movies in this table-service restaurant built to look like a classic 1950’s drive-in theater. You sit in car-shaped booths or at picnic tables, all facing the big screen, where you watch previews from campy old science-fiction movies as you eat. The menu includes burgers, steak, ribs, pasta, a reuben, and a salmon BLT, for around $14-30.


This is my favorite theme park restaurant. As a fan of bad B-movies, this place was made for me. The food wasn't amazing, sure, but I don't come here for the food. For me, it is all about the experience here. Just dining in cars at a drive in is such a fun experience. It is a must do restaurant for each trip for my family.
Food is just ok here. It is defiantly not worth the price. Disney has some much better quick service restaurants as far as the food goes. What you are paying for here is a really cool atmosphere that most kids, and some adults, will absolutely love.
Lunch here was DREADFUL. Plenty of friends recommended the place so I went and tried it for lunch a few weeks ago. Now, I'm not one to complain but I have to for this experience. The car tables are cramped, the clips repeat much to frequently, and most importantly the food was HORRENDUS. I ordered a simple turkey sandwich with fries and got cold cuts thrown on two pieces of stale wheat bread, NO bacon, and cold fries. For something like $12.95. Just no.

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