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The American Idol Experience reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for The American Idol Experience, a live show in Echo Lake at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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Posted: March 15, 2014

Based on the Fox TV show, The American Idol Experience gives park visitors the chance to audition to perform in this live, theme park version of the show. The winners of each show face off in a grand finale at the end of the day. Each day's final winner gets a "front of the line" pass to audition for the real, TV version. Arrive early in the day and look for the signs at the attraction if you'd like to audition to perform. Otherwise, just show up before the published showtimes (pick up a daily show schedule at the front gate, or at the register of any merchandise store) to get a seat in the audience and watch your fellow visitors try to entertain you.

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I really liked the Idol Experience even though the rest of my party did not really seem to. There were a few very good singers and the setting looked like it was the true set. The thing I did not like was the judges trying to act like the real idol judges. They did not follow through enough to make it authentic. If they had gone all the way pretending to be the judges, or if they just had a judge persona of their own I think the show would have been better. (8/10) - Lexi R

Boring, uninspired, and pretty much a freakshow for the time I attended. - Robert Waldbauer

A cash in on what was once America's top TV show. Only worth seeing if you know the people performing. Still wish Doug Live was back. 4/10 - Christopher Sturniolo

A show about a singing contest not my cup of tea - Tom Cunningham

I can't wait to go to Disney to see if i can be a contestent - Manny Rodriguez

Wasn't expecting to like this and missed it out during our first visit. But when my wife finally dragged me in I was plesantly suprised. the stage itself is impressive and the show really does flow, and having watched Indiana Jones an hour earlier, I was expecting lots of stoppages. This show would have been awful if I had volunteered my vocal talents! Well done Disney, you proved me wrong. - Ben Price

This attraction is OK even if it is just a hyped up karaoke session. The judges are good fun and Disney have done a fair job recreating the American Idol show. Not a must see but worth doing if you're a fan of the show or fancy a air conditioned break. - David Wilcock

It's a fun show even if you're not a huge fan of American Idol. Singers vary in quality, but there's usually at least one or two that are very good, and every now and then someone truly amazing shows up. Last time I watched it I caught the finale show, and I honestly hope the kid who won goes on to the show--he was AMAZING (he got standing ovations, he was so good). - Abagail Bloodworth

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this show. The singers were pretty good and the whole experience was enjoyable - not to mention included comfortable seats and air conditioning! I will definitely do it again next time I'm at DHS. - Chris Hall

10/10. It really is American Idol at Walt Disney World. At least when Simon and Paula were still judges, but wow, really impressed when I saw this. - Nick Dakuginow

Wondeful attraction both for the audience and for someone participating in the show. - Glenn Davis

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