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Toy Story Midway Mania melds a dark ride with a 3D video game. You ride in spinning cars, stopping to play five different carnival-inspired video games featuring Toy Story characters. You “shoot” at virtual targets using a pull-string “gun” that launches virtual pies, rings, pins, eggs and suction darts, scoring points with every hit.

The key to a high score on this game? Work together with your seatmate, who’s your partner for the game. Sure, you’re “competing” with each other, but if you work together, you can reach scores much higher than you can shooting alone, thanks to many “easter eggs” in the games.

Here are the tips and “cheats” that will lead you to a high score: In the first game, Hamm & Eggs, aim for the fox on top of the henhouse in the lower corner of the screen, which spawns several 1,000-point chickens to target. In the next game, Rex and Trixie’s Dino Darts, if you and your partner can break all six lava flow balloons, the volcano will erupt with additional 500-point balloons. In the Green Army Men Shoot Camp, you and your partner should try to break the 2,000-point plates in the corners at the same time, which will reveal an additional row of 2,000-point plates. Watch the tank in the middle of the screen, which will throw 5,000-point plates, too. In the fourth game, Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers, work with your partner to throw rings around all the Little Green Men on the rocket in the middle of the screen. Clear those, and you’ll reveal a monster that you can hit for 500 and 1,000 points a shot. The fifth game, Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery, has three parts. In the first, you and your partner should try to hit each bullseye once, which will spawn additional 1,000- and 2,000-point targets. Shoot through the saloon doors to reveal a bunny and additional 500- and 1,000-point targets. In the mine car scene, hit the bat after the third mine car for 1,000 points. Keep hitting the new mine cars and then hit the next bat, that is worth 5,000. If you can hit that bat, too, then all the mine cars that come out will be worth 5,000 points. In the finale of the game, hit the large bullseye as fast as you can for point values of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 points.


Truly the better shooter at WDW. Far better then Buzz in every conceivable way. Long wait times (even with a fast pass) are annoying though. It could be longer, and it's over a bit too quickly compared to Buzz for my taste. Still excellent however.
One of the most fun rides I've had recently at WDW! I usually don't like to ride the rides that spin in circles but the 3D shooting takes your mind off the motion. Had my sister riding and competing with me and it was excellent fun! I should've let her win though, oh well . . . got caught up in the excitement! 9/10
I just can't help but really enjoy Toy Story Mania. I come off each time I ride with a smile (and a better score). I just love shooting rides like this. The main flaws are the reliance on screens and unbelievable waits, but I can always look past that and enjoy the ride. Certainly check this out at DHS. 8/10
So much fun, and it blows Buzz right out of the water!
This was a really fun attraction! I really enjoy the aspect that this ride is competitive and nicely themed. Though, the long lines need to improve (which they are trying to fix) and I wish the ride had more WOW factor. 8.5/10
Rivals Men in Black as the best shooter. This ride might just get the edge in theming. 10/10
Family favorite but long lines need to change. 10/10!!
It's the toughest ticket in Disney World, and for good reason. This ride is fun and the type that makes you want to go on again. Fastpasses run out quick so plan accordingly. It's super competitive as well, whether you're trying to beat your high score, the person next to you, or trying to get the high score for the hour, this ride is just flat out amusing and entertaining.
This was the longest queue in the park. It is the same as the California Adventure, but the queue is much better. It is just tons of fun.
Outstanding! The ride experience went by so fast I can barely remember everything I saw, but it was so much fun it didn't matter. A great update on the Men in Black-type experience, as it is more engaging and interactive. 9/10.
Buy a PS3, move, camera and a 3D tv and the game of the same name and you have a better experience without the ridicules line that is in front of this pathetic ride.

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