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Voyage of the Little Mermaid reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Voyage of the Little Mermaid, a live show in Animation Courtyard at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Photo of Voyage of the Little Mermaid

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: March 15, 2014

A musical stage show combining special effects, live performances, puppetry, and clips from the classic Disney film The Little Mermaid. Suitable for all ages, although the Ursula parts can be a bit harrowing for younger visitors.

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It's a nice little show. The show only lasts about 15 minutes at most. Despite its short run time the performance offers enough in theatre effects, puppetry, and live actors to be worth a look. Some people will say that the show compresses the movie into just a quarter of an hour, and thats true, but still worth a look even if its just to get out of the Florida rain or sun for a while. - Manny Barron

This park had to many shows. But this one is a keeper and better then the lame Mermaid ride at MK. But keep those effects working Disney, your ticket prices should cover a perfect working show with all the effects in place. What this ride has to do with a working movie studios is beyond me so theme wise this is a MISS! - O T

We greatly enjoy the theater's special effects and the music is exceptional. A nice escape into the cool seas on a hot Florida day. - Rob Pastor

Being male, I shouldn't like this. But its a nice show to watch, not just because Ariel is gorgeous! - James McGee

You can FastPass this attraction which is always handy. A welcome break from the heat and a chance to sit down. All that aside the show itself is very enjoyable; yes they've cut the story down but I wasn't expecting to sit there for two hours anyway! The puppets are good and the special FX are great; Ursula is quite a sight! - Ben Price

In all honesty, it depends on which Ariel you get. The show can range from magical to mediocre all depending on her! - Sarah Durden

A fairly decent show if the lines are not too long and you need a break from the heat. As others stated, it is rather abbreviated but the musical numbers they do present are well done. My 7 year old niece enjoyed it, but expected a little more. Towards the end, she leaned over and whispered "why are they skipping so much ?". - Ed Newman

This is a pleasant show but anybody expecting a thorough retelling of the Little Mermaid film will be disappointed. The show is basically three songs from the film and a very abridged recap of the story that takes a few liberties with the plot. The music and songs in the Little Mermaid are so strong anyway that this show is worth a watch. There's some nice special effects and the Under the Sea sequence is done really well. - David Wilcock

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