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Voyage of the Little Mermaid

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A musical stage show combining special effects, live performances, puppetry, and clips from the classic Disney film The Little Mermaid. Suitable for all ages, although the Ursula parts can be a bit harrowing for younger visitors.


Another standard show for a park that already has enough standard shows. This is a nice little show, it has great special theater effects, puppetry and live actors that makes it sort of worth a watch. Still though, the show is just ok and is another show that has been around for a while, and hasn't really been updated or changed in years. The theater is dark at some points, but children should be fine. Only, really see this show to have a break from the heat. 7/10
Love it!
This show is a veritable treasure trove of disregarding the source material and replacing effort with recycled film clips. The show starts with clips from the movie and then goes into its first musical sequence: Under the Sea. The sequence is performed with blacklight puppets under terrible lighting. You can see the people operating the puppets, which ruins the illusion that these puppets are the characters. Then Ariel sings Part of Your World after some clumsy exposition bricks. The actress playing Disney's least likable protagonist of the Disney renaissance can either make or break your experience. After the song, Flotsam and Jetsam puppets shout some more exposition and then the best part of the show comes in. The Ursula puppet is the redeeming aspect of the show (not unlike the TLM dark ride). An intricately operated puppet capable of fluid movement, Ursula is the reason I have gone to see the show more than once. However, after the Ursula sequence, we get more crappy film montages that fail at explaining the story. Then Ariel is on a rock, and screen Triton and typically invisible Sebastian puppet talk and then after a cheap Kabuki trick, Ariel is human. The Eric and Max conveniently come in and they kiss and the show is over. Even as someone who hates the source film, this show (like the Beauty and the Beast live show) just tramples on any and every redeeming aspect of the show. Instead of trying to condense the story into 15 minutes, TDO decided to combine the three most famous songs from the film together with some crappy montages. I would not recommend subjecting yourself to this show, unless you consider seeing Ursula being worth 15 minutes of torture.

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