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Residing next door to the other Alice in Wonderland ride, Mad Tea Party, this attraction is based on the same animated Disney Feature Film. Following the same path as the movie, guests will travel down the Rabbit hole guided by the Cheshire Cat.

This attraction opened in the early summer of 1958. A major refurbishment in 2014 brought animation changes inside the ride as well as the removal of several tarps and rails that had blocked exteriors views of the ride.


It's a colorful, joyful ride! The technology in this ride makes it worth a visit if the wait isn't long.
Certainly the best of Disney's Fantasyland Dark Ride collection in America. The updates done are marvelous, and the ride blew me away. The ride outside was also just wonderful. It is just all so charming, and I really do wish that DW would have more of these great old dark rides. Must ride at DL. 8/10
If they would continue to renovate all the classic Fantasyland attractions with the level of care this one got, it would be a great big beautiful tomorrow!
I'd much rather wait in line for close to an hour to ride Alice than Peter Pan (even after its refurb).
Great classic dark ride. Why don't they make them like this anymore?
The upgrade (2014) is a definite keeper. I was overwhelmed the first time I rode it afterwards. The second time, though, not so much.
This has always been one of my favorites. When I was a kid I remember what a treat it was too ride this ride. I've got quite the history with this ride and the people. I met Jason Earles from Hannah Montana in line for this ride once, another time a cast member allowed my family too just keep riding it due too the line being empty and the parade going on we were able too see it from the outside portion.
Its an adorable ride and I'm super Alice In Wonderland obsessed, so please show this ride some love once you visit! Its fun for every age

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