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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

Robert Niles

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Published: December 30, 2014

This relatively mild coaster takes you through an abandoned gold mine in the old west. Try the "goat trick," by keeping your eyes on the goat as you descend the second hill for as long as you can. How mild is this coaster? The front cars of the train will bottom out on the third hill before the middle of the train even crests. A 2014 refurbishment added an "explosive" new surprise to that hill, though.

Alice Butera
Such a good classic rollercoaster. Its very simple, but this simplicity makes it so good. Its not scary with any crazy hills just enough too make your stomach drop (in a good way). In my opinion this ride is better at night, but during hot days I love it.
The only thing it really lacks, is a story. Aslike Space Mountain, its got a theme and potential to be something, but really theres no story. Its almost like its half finished. I've found that I've liked rides with strong stories like Tower Of Terror, but this ride will always be loved by me because I've grown up riding it and it is one of the best Disney rides. Better than the Disneyworld one.
David Matecki
Recent refurbishment was awesome.
Jonathan Guire
I really liked the recent refurbishment. It made the ride probably the best roller coaster at Disneyland, and easily the best themed one.
Super Sam
This is really cool! You'll be entertained by just waiting in line. Best part is when the TNT explodes(new feature from 2014) Superb attraction. Four and a half stars out of five.
Manny Barron
This is a fun ride through and through. From the moment you step in line your taken to the Old West. The theme here really is a big plus. The ride itself is lengthy and offers plenty of fun for everyone. Like with other Disneyland attractions this ride gets a new vibe to it at night, so if you can try it at night time.
Lexi R
This is a good starter coaster that has really nice theming to go with it. (8/10)
Sarah Barnes
Very well themed family coaster. Highly recommend riding at night during the fireworks.
daniel reyes
This is the wildest ride in the wilderness and one of my favorite rides in the park, especially whenI ride this at night.

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