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Captain EO reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Captain EO, a movie in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.

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Posted: March 17, 2010

Originally opened in fall of 1986, this 17-minute space/sci-fi themed 3D film stars Michael Jackson on a mission to deliver a gift to the "The Supreme Leader".

This film was produced by George Lucas, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and stars Michael Jackson (as Captain EO), Anjelica Huston (as the Supreme Leader), and Dick Shawn (as Commander Bog).

The EO of Michael Jackson's character is Greek for "dawn".

While the original show ended in spring of 1997, this attraction reopened February 23, 2010, in the Magic Eye Theater with minor additions and changes to the original effects.

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Quite possibly the worst attraction currently in existence at any Disney park. - James Rao

Only in this video attraction will you see evil space mutants turned into sparkly back-up dancers with lots of hair spray. It was interesting to see this attraction as Honey, I shrunk the Audience had been playing there for many years. Expect lots of music and dancing. - Manny Barron

Captain EO has become a very "Jungle Cruise" attraction for us - the right crowd and the right cast member make all the difference between "Cheesy, dated music video" and "Rocky Horror levels of awesomeness and audience participation"! "Hee-heeeee", "Woo hoo" and "HOOOOOOO" along with the film while dancing in your seat and this'll quickly become one of YOUR favorites that you can do over and over again, just like our family does :) - Brian Pierce

Sheesh. This is so bad it was (almost) good even taking into account the age of the film. Please Disney bring in something new! - Mark Moore

it was great seeing this being a Michal Jackson fan and all - daniel reyes

ready for another movie after watching this a few times. - Skipper Adam

LOVED IT! SO GLAD THEY BROUGHT IT BACK! Captain EO and his infamous crew are back! The music is great, the acting... not really. It feels very 80s and I love it. greatest 3D show so far. - Lucas Lee

Its so bad, its good! I like it alot, but it is very 80s! - Anthony Murphy

a good way to remember michal jackson - Brian Whitman

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