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Disneyland Railroad

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Track Ride

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A stream train ride around the Magic Kingdom, with stops in New Orleans Square and Toontown, tommorowland, and Main Street USA, plus a trip through the Grand Canyon and Primeval World.


Perfect 10, one of Walts dreams come true.
Great ride through the park and tunnels
I love the Disneyland Railroad Ride. It is also superior to the one in Magic Kingdom at Florida. It is a nice way to rest and move around the park.
This is a good train ride with some nice things to see along the way. Of course the dioramas of the Grand Canyon and of the dinosaurs are very well done and an attraction in their own right but there's other nice things along the way as well.

Great for resting your feet and to getting from place to place.

The first of many things superior at California. Unlike the WDWR, this one actually has sights along the way. 7/10
Love how the ride goes through the end of Splash Mountain ride and through the Grand Canyon and Primeaval diorama's. Just makes the train ride so much more.
As train rides go, the is the best in the world (of theme parks). Triples as a relaxing ride, transportation and a scenic view of the Grand Canyon and dinosaurs, I couldn't ride this enough times.

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