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Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

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Disneyland's submarine ride to the North Pole and the lost continent of Atlantis opened in June 1959 before closing in September 1998. The attraction reopened in June 2007 with a Finding Nemo overlay, inspired by the Pixar movie.

The submarine ride uses Disneyland's largest show building, as all elements needed to be duplicated so that both sides of the submarine could see the same thing. Thanks to "sonar hydrophones" you can hear Nemo and friends talk as you ride underwater past reefs, through caverns and into the East Australian Current. The 15-minute ride also includes encounters with Bruce and the sharks, deep-sea anglerfish, whales, and an underwater volcano.


For those with claustrophobia, certainly stay away. For those who can handle VERY small spaces, the ride is a unique experience and is one I thoroughly enjoyed. It may just be the experience of being in a submarine, but I just found myself really liking the ride. If I had one big issue, it would be that it is too long since you are in underwater and in such a tiny space. 7/10
I would never want to ride this. I am extremely claustrophobic so being stuck in a little submarine watching videos about fish is not my idea of fun.
This is one ride I would like to see completely redone or removed all together. You submerge in walts classic subs only to watch screen after screen of nemo cartoon. Only ride if you have kids who love this film, otherwise a waste of time.

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