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Enter through the front porch of this antebellum mansion, then descend below ground via the stretching portrait room to waiting doom buggies below for a musical journey through the world's most famous haunted house.
This ride changes every Christmas to be themed after "Nightmare before Christmas" and is not at all the same. It has blacklights and more cartoon like.

Trivia spoilers: In Disneyland's Mansion you descend in the stretch room. In Walt Disney World's Mansion though, you remain still while the ceiling rises above you. The head in the crystal ball (the face is of Disney Imagineer Leota Toombs and the voice is of Cinderella's wicked stepmother, Eleanor Audley) and the ghosts in the ballroom are not holograms. Look for the "hidden Mickey" (Mickey's head) on the ballroom table made by a plate and two saucers, and in the white robe of the phantom in the mausoleum as you leave the graveyard scene. The face and voice of the little woman at the end is also that of Leota Toombs. During the Haunted Mansion Holiday make-over of the Mansion, the real daughter of Leota Toombs replaced her in the crystal ball.


It's slightly overrated, but a nice ride, especially with the holiday overlay.
Just couldn't help but feel the ride started 1/3 of the way into DW's. It isn't DL's fault since it came first, but I am just familiar with DW's. After that though, they are just about identical. Both Haunted Mansions are fantastic, and they are testament to the greatness of Disney parks considering their age. A classic at DL even if I do feel that DW's is much better. 9/10
One of Disneyland's crowning achievements; the first without Uncle Walt. Mahvelous.
One of the few attractions that I rate a perfect. It has all the elements a ride needs too be too be remembered and a ride people will come back too. Its such an easy ride too get addicted too. Quite like Tower Of Terror, the storyline is so strong! I just fall in love with the story everytime, at Halloween and Christmas time too I do love both of them. Its a classic too me, I've been riding it ever since I was 3! I've also recently fallen in love with the special effects and history of this ride.
Do not miss out on this ride at Disney, its good for all ages, not scary at all I promise (:
I gave it a 10 because I rode during the holiday overlay. Completely different ride and completely AWESOME!
The holiday overlay was in place when we visited, but still, the Nightmare Before Christmas version of the Haunted Mansion is a very cool attraction. Overall, though, I think WDW's version of the Haunted Mansion, overlay or not, is the better attraction.
Despite the ride constantly stopping while I was on it, it was great to experience the Disneyland version of one of my favorite rides. It did lack some elements found in the MK version. I did enjoy the plantation facade as well. 9/10
I love this attraction so much, I want to take it behind the middle school and give it a hearty hand shake.
I used to love this ride as one of my favorites until they changed the safety feature in the carts. Now, I can't ride the attraction because the barrel needs to get to a specific height. This is sad. They should modify the barrel setting like the one for the Little Mermaid Ride.
This is the definition of a Disneyland classic. A masterfully done experience from the pre-show(best in the theme park business) up until those hitchhiking ghosts grab a seat next to you. The atmosphere, effects, and music all add up to a memorable experience. The Nightmare Before Christmas holiday overlay is nice but it pales in comparison to the classic version. Do not skip this attraction regardless of what version is playing.

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