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Disney legend has it that this classic attraction was conceived as a tour of live animals (a concept decades later implemented throughout Disney's Animal Kingdom), but that idea was nixed 'cause handlers feared the animals wouldn't be awake during the day. So Disneyland installed this collection of audio-animatronic creatures instead.


One of the best attractions when your skipper is hilarious, the animatronics are 100%, and the sound is balanced correctly. The jokes change and add a lot to the experience especially for repeat visits. However, the line is also deceptively long on this attraction.
It's overrated and not that interesting.
An original attraction that needs an update. Maybe we will see the Tokyo Disney updates come this way at some point. Though, it would almost be sad to see an original changed. Okay...just give us the new nighttime cruise!
Ive never been a fan of the cheesy comedy version of this ride. Sorry but the backside of water is funny only the first time through, if that. It's not how it was originally intended and deserves better imo.
Jungle Cruise is a really nice attraction at Disneyland and the attraction still shocks me on how "immersive" it is as you definitely do not feel like you are in Anaheim anymore. The attraction can be more enjoyable when you have an enthusiastic skipper.
Depends too much on your skipper. Still a classic.
Not sure if it was just bad timing or not, but when we rode, the sound system on the boat was so bad it was nearly impossible to hear the Skipper's spiel. Jungle Cruise is a pretty lame attraction anyway, but when you can't hear the spiel, it is even worse. Ugh. For all its history and nostalgia, Jungle Cruise needs a significant overhaul. Weak.
A Classic Disney Ride. Has tons of animatronics and is an awesome experience!
I went to Disneyland on 7/1/13. We took the Jungle Cruise and we found that this attraction needs a lot of refurbishment. Animals looked awful, needing paint and fixing on their moves. The ride looked dirty too. I was surprised to see this classic attraction in that condition. If Disney was alive, he should have had this attraction shutdown.

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