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This is the prototype "tea cup" spinner attraction. The action on the cups has been loosened up in recent years, after being severly restricted. In fact, Disney now helpfully labels which direction you should turn the center wheel for maximum spin. If you're stuck in a car with spin freaks, keep your eyes' focus within the cup while spinning, looking up to a fixed point in the distance outside of the cup while it slows down at the end.


Never gets old!
If you get 2 guys in there to see how fast they can spin. Fun to see us stumble out.
Pretty much the same ride found at most amusement park kiddie lands and carnivals across the nation. Nothing special, and perhaps a bit slower than some of the good tea cups rides. This type of off the shelf spinner probably does not belong at a Disney park any longer.
The tea cups are good fun. They can spin quite fast too.
Wicked, for best results fit two eager spinners into one cup. 8/10
I love this ride it gets me soo dizzy.
Really awesome ride!loved it!

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