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Matterhorn Bobsleds reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Matterhorn Bobsleds, a roller coaster in Fantasyland at Disneyland. (The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.)

Photo of Matterhorn Bobsleds

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: March 13, 2013

The first steel-track, multi-vehicle roller coaster, Matterhorn Bobsleds reopened in June 2012 after undergoing a massive refurbishment, with new single-seats and a taller, 42-inch height requirement.

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Working Yeti or not, this painful coaster is a real dog. - James Rao

I used to love the Matterhorn until they did the last change to the actual bobsleds. Now, it is impossible for me to ride. The new bobsleds are smaller and uncomfortable. For big people like me it is impossible to get in and ride. - Jorge Perez

The Matterhorn is great! This bobsled run through the Disneyland icon is just great fun. The mountain features some neat dips and turns and the theme plays its part well, despite being more than fifty years old. Sure the ride can be a bit bumpy at times but that just adds to the fun and charm. There is no fastpass here so bear that in mind when planning your day, but whatever you don't miss this. - Manny Barron

I understand that this ride is a classic, but it needs some updates! Yes the mountain itself is outstanding, but the ride really is no more than a small carnival coaster. It is not thrilling to an older audience, but it is still enough with the dark and the yeti to scare a small child. I am not one to complain about roughness on rides, but this one got me! My neck hurt for several days. Really, the best part was watching the "mountain climbers" from the outside. It is a classic though and I think that counts for something, so.. it gets a (7/10) from me. - Lexi R

Yes they did upgrade the seats but if you loves coasters and thrill rides this is NOT one of them... very mild and my kids (11 & 14) felt that we wasted our time waiting although thankfully not long. Great first coaster for the younger kids although the min height now is I believe 42" - John Ball

Enjoyable ride with a bit of fear factor with complete darkness and a yeti waiting around every other turn. Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom is a better ride, but this becomes about even with the exceptional theming and working yetis. - Carl Stovall

A Disneyland instituion but it doesn't bear comparison with more modern attractions. Ride it once but don't waste too much waiting in line! - Mark Moore

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