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Pirates of the Caribbean debuted in the then-new New Orleans Square section of Disneyland in March 1967 and since then has spawned a multi-billion-dollar entertainment empire. The simply story of a pirate raid on a Spanish port has grown into three (soon to be four) movies, video games and theme park rides around the world.

Pirates takes riders on a 15-minute trip from New Orleans Square's Blue Bayou down two waterfalls into a misty realm where Davy Jones challenges you with a pirate's curse and "dead men tell no tales." Disney's Imagineers have tweaked the ride several times since its 1967 debut, most recently in 2007, with the addition of characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, including Davy Jones and Johnny Depp's Capt. Jack Sparrow.

The show's burning city finale features the rousing theme "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me" by X. Atencio and George Bruns, followed by a coda in the city's crumbling prison, where the pirates face their comeuppance. (Except for Jack Sparrow, of course.)

Pirates offers the highest capacity of any ride in the park, meaning its line moves swiftly even during the busiest times of the day.


LOVE this ride, with the drops, talking skull, animatronics, and floating by the Blue Bayou and the theming! This is a timeless classic that shouldn't be missed. The beginning with the caves is amazing, and the environment is perfect. This ride gets everything right. I can't ride it in WDW ever again!
It is a testament to the Disney parks that an attraction that opened in 1967 remains among the best attractions out there. The entire ride is just an experience, and it really makes me wish the MK version were longer. My favorite section was going through the caves with the skeletons of pirates. There was just an unbelievable amount detail there. I especially love coming out of the lift and seeing the New Orleans buildings around you. A nearly perfect ride. (9.8/10)
Disneyland's Pirates of The Caribbean is 1000000% better than Walt Disney World's. It is longer, more elaborate, and it has 2 real drops instead of one semi-drop. Floating by the Blue Bayou and slowly transitioning into the ride is also something that makes DL's version better. I LOVE this ride in DL, found it boring in WDW.
Why this is not a 10 blows my mine. The original and best version of the ride, and best theme park ride for over 40 years imo.
I just love the atmosphere and even with a long line it loads fast.
For those who have only experienced the Orlando version of Pirates of the Caribbean, you really are doing yourself a disservice. The Disneyland version is longer, a bit more thrilling, and bigger (in both physical sets and story) than the hacked version at the Magic Kingdom. The difference is like night and day. A ride on Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean, for those who have not had the pleasure, is quite simply worth the price of admission to the park. It is a masterpiece of animatronics, story, and song, an attraction that transcends age, gender, nationality, theme park bias, and time. It is one of the few attractions that I believe will still be standing in 2067 (its 100th anniversary). It is the definition of a "classic".
I simply cannot ride the MK version the same, ever again. This attraction blew me away. From beginning to end it was perfect. My favorite part was the beginning and floating by the Blue Bayou. 10/10

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