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Snow White's Scary Adventures reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Snow White's Scary Adventures, a dark ride in Fantasyland at Disneyland.

Photo of Snow White's Scary Adventures

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They threw in the "Scary" part as a warning to youngsters who might not like the darker elements of the Snow White story.

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A decent enough dark ride, but nothing special. - James Rao

It's a good enough ride and there are definitely scary elements that might frighten really young children. The ending has always seemed kind of sudden to me. There's a lot of buildup and then the ride is over in a flash. It's still a decent ride and worth waiting for if the wait is short and most of the time it is. - Manny Barron

this ride used to scare me as a little kid its pretty cool though. - daniel reyes

One of the few rides where I will concede that it is better than WDW's version, this ride impressed me. Probably scary for little kids, but it didn't scare me. - Skipper Adam

Very fun ride! one of the classic disneyland rides! - N O

Possibly the weakest out of all the Fantasyland dark rides, but it's decent if the wait is less than 15 minutes long. - Bryce Lewis

Definitely scary, but the end is part that sticks with me the most. The last scene of the ride kind of leaves a lot on the table as far as how the story is resolved. I guess you have to get the DVD to find out how the happy ending came to be. - Andy B

This ride is definitely a "scary" adventure. I went on it the first time when I was 18 and it scared me more than those Halloween mazes. Went on it again on my 24 birthday, it was still pretty creepy to me. There're some good old Disney technomagic such as the queen turns into a witch, but I have to say if you have little kids, they might be scared. The witch comes out to riders closely and the dark forest scene is actually pretty scary. But if your kid is brave and love snow white, this is a ride not to miss. There're hardly any dark ride that are as detaied as a Disney dark ride, so you won't regret it. - Jeremy Hu

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