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Flume Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Afraid of upsetting modern racial sensitivity, Disney has kept its once-popular "Song of the South" under wraps for decades. But Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, Br'er Bear and and the winsome "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" have entertained far too many people for Disney to condemn them to cultural obscurity, too. And, by the way, Disneyland really needed a flume ride, too.... So the company whipped up "Splash Mountain," a delightful musical tour that revives the tunes and characters of "Song of the South" in a thrill ride environment freed from the racial baggage and presumed stereotypes of Uncle Remus' tales.

If you've not seen "Song of the South," here's the story: Br'er Fox is trying to catch Br'er Rabbit, with the help of Br'er Bear. Br'er Rabbit, who lives in the Briar Patch, is a bit of a ne'er-do-well, always looking for his Laughin' Place. One day, Br'er Fox manages to grab Br'er Rabbit, who pleads for his life, begging not to be thrown into the Briar Patch. Brer Fox falls for this bit of reverse psychology, and throws him over the falls into the Briar Patch, where Br'er Rabbit escapes and meets up with all his friends for a colorful finale on Doo-Dah Landing.


I couldn't help but feel that I was riding a half realized ride. It feels far too rushed to a point where you can't appreciate the fantastic environment and animatronics or catch the story at all. I imagine those that haven't ridden the WDW version will likely be blown away by this version, but I just can't but feel disappointed by this very broken version of Splash Mountain. While I have gotten one ride where it actually took the log at a slow pace and got an idea of the story, far too often you are going through those scenes at a crazy speed. I will say that the drops were much more thrilling without lap bars, but you also get far too wet towards the front. WDW's Splash Mountain is my favorite Disney ride while this one isn't even one of my favorites in DL. 8/10
I LOVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN SOOOO MUCH! Splash Mountain (California, Florida, Tokyo) As for all the people saying Magic Kingdom's is better, I think Disneyland's is better. It fits better with the Critter Country theming. The drops are more thrilling and the final drop is sharper. The ride feels longer. Oh, and there's the Burrow's Lament scene before the final drop with the mom rabbit and possum warning their children. That sets up the drop perfectly. Splash Mountain is a perfect mix of thrill ride and a dark ride - my favorite type of ride! Soak me, I don't care. I LOVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN!
Yes, you might get wet! Visit the candy shop when you get off. It does have some things you can't get anywhere else!
Splash Mountain is one of my favorite attractions at the Disneyland Resort and has my personal favorite "single rider line" of all the Disney attractions in Anaheim. The theming is beautiful and the ride has a decent thrill to it. Also, that indoor drop did have a little surprise to me as it has a feature that most log flumes stray away from.
My mother's - who is not a Disneyland fan, or a Disney fan, for that matter - favorite ride. Especially nice when it's hot outside.
Still one of my favorites. Because it was so hot on my trip I would say this beats all.

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