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Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

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Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Star Tours: The Adventures Continue actually takes place before the original Star Tours, in the time between the third and fourth Star Wars films. You still ride with the Star Tours flight crew, but with C-3PO at the helm, and a rebel spy on board. Who could it be?

The ride features multiple options for more than 50 different possibilities of where you'll visit and whom you'll see on your trip.


This is fun.
On my first ride, I was absolutely blown away by this version of Star Tours. After riding it at DW 5 or so times, it has lost its initial WOW factor. However, it is still a really fun ride and a great simulator. It is one that I ride each time I am at either resorts. 8/10
The only way you can actually feel the force.
The update is nice but still not my favorite ride.
A very good, and highly repeatable simulator ride. Just make sure you don't sit behind a tall person wearing a hat (like I did) or your ride will be ruined (Disney really should do a better job of putting taller folks in the back of the simulator).
Amazing what an update can do. Although I liked the previous version, this one offers so much more. The different versions of the ride was a great move by Disney. You never know which version you are gonna get and thats part of the fun. I've seen maybe 8 or 9 versions here and at Disney World and they are all good fun.
My second favorite ride at the park. Really well done! You actually get the intended sensations, unlike many other simulators I have been on. It is also cool that they incorporate the actual riders on board by taking pictures of them. (9/10)
Awesome revamp of one of my favorite rides. I have been on it three times since the update and have had a different experience each time - Hoth, Endor and Tatooine. Hoth was my favorite so far.
Because of the different variations it is well worth getting in line several different times. My kids requested that we ride it every day we were at the park and we laughed harder after each ride. Excellent choice!
I enjoyed the updates. After riding the old version several times at Hollywood Studios, I was looking forward to finally getting the chance to ride the rebooted version (this time at Disneyland). I love that they have incorporated more characters you can recognize from the movies and thought the journey was interesting and fun.

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