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Big Thunder Mountain

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain is located in the middle of the Rivers of America, where Tom Sawyer Island would be at the three older "Magic Kingdom" theme parks.

You board Paris' Thunder on the mainland, then travel in a tunnel under the river before ascending the first lift for the ride. From there, Big Thunder runs much like its siblings around the world, except for the addition of another trip back through the tunnel to return to the mainland station.

The drop in elevation to get through the tunnel helps add speed to the ride, making this version of Thunder Mountain the longest and fastest in the world.


Best of all the BTMS for the extra speed! Must-ride! LOVE IT!
This long coaster is one of the best "family-style" coasters I've ever ridden. The theming is out of this world, and we were constantly finding new things - even on our 5th ride. The extra burst of speed at the end makes it quite thrilling. This is an absolute must-do at this park.
Big Thunder Mountain is my favorite of the "Disney Mountain Range", and this one is my favorite of the Big Thunders. The trip under the Rivers of the Far West are exhilarating, and the ride itself is beautiful.
Like its Pirates cousin in Adventureland, this version of BTM is the best and longest of all the Disney BTMs. It features two great underground dips that take you under the lake and is also the fastest. A fantastic ride for all ages.
The other BTMs are very tame. This one has a bit of bite in it and also lies on a lake! 8/10

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