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Offering a different narrative order that the other Pirates rides, in California, Florida and Japan, Disneyland Paris' Pirates ride includes several unique moments, as well.


Like many of the others have said of the four "classic" POTC, this one has the best overall experience. The layout of the track and the order of the story is very different, but it all seems to make better sense in the long run. It's really fantastic.
I still think Anaheim's version is superior, but this comes after it.
It's enjoyable and very different from other versions. I laughed quite a bit at the antics of the pirates.
Better than Tokyo and Orlando's, but it's second to Anaheim, and soon Shanghai will have the best.
Pretty good ride. A lot of people say this ride is superior to the Anaheim version of POTC, I say that they are about equal. If I had to pick a winner, Anaheim's version would win. Why? Although Disneyland Paris's version had some great moments, like the Carribean style intro, which is by far superior to DLR's New Orleans intro) and the drop into the battle scene, the Paris version is simply too short. I do prefer having the skeletons at the end, as it sows how the pirates were punished for their actions, but at DLR the skeleton section is very long. This long length really allows the riders to be fully immersed in the ride that is POTC. At DLP, I feel like the skeleton portion is simply a couple scene placed at the end of the ride as opposed to DLR, where I feel like the skeleton portion is a MAJOR part of the ride. Also, I wish DLP had a drop in the dark, as darkness adds an element of surprise. Still a solid ride though.
Having been on all 4 versions I can adamantly say that this is by far the best PotC. Maybe the Shanghai version can best it, but this is the champ for now. Great exterior and interior theming with multiple drops, including as mentioned above, a drop underneath the track to put you into the battle. My only complaint is not hearing the following in English... "Shift yer cargo, dearie, show 'em your larboard side."
As a previous reviewer said, this ride is the best version of the 3. The ordering makes sense here, the scale is grand, and it's almost fun to see the parts missing jack sparrow again.
Also, the layout of the ride is quite interesting with an added show portion in the front half of the ride, and then you turn around and drop underneath the track to go into the scenes down below. Hard to explain but fun!

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