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Pirates of the Caribbean

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Boat Ride

Robert Niles

Photo of Pirates of the Caribbean

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Published: February 14, 2015

Offering a different narrative order that the other Pirates rides, in California, Florida and Japan, Disneyland Paris' Pirates ride includes several unique moments, as well.

Mika BV
Excellent family ride, with outstanding scenery. Only negative is the fact, it is a bit too dark at times, so you can't see all of it.
Mike Brilhart
10/10 The best version of the classic Disney ride. Not just simply because it lacks the unnecessary movie tie-in's that the other three versions have; but because they've actually fixed the story here to play out in chronological order. You first see the pirates when they're alive, and then watch as they burn the city to the ground, ultimately blowing the town's arsenal to smithereens and turning themselves into the skeletal remains found in the calming grotto finale. Without Jack Sparrow at the end bragging about his shiny treasure, the ride still manages to provide the original, much more Disney-ish message that "crime doesn't pay." Not the "pillage, plunder, womanize, burn the city and you'll get away with it in the end" message found in the States and Tokyo that Jack Sparrow promotes to all the little kids riding through in their boats as the show comes to a close.
Matt Kutylo
Another great Pirates ride. Really enjoyed the shadow work and swinging pirates.
Dominique Mol
way better then the wdw version, not sure though if I like it better then the disneyland version.. I agree the story ismore logical in Paris.. but here the ending is the caves with dead pirates..where nothing much happens anymore.. in Disneyland the dramatc build up is better in my opinion
Sean Huckel
The best Disney dark ride I have personally ever had the pleasure of riding. Pirates in DLP is not to be missed, and will blow anyone away.
Big Cohube
Well, Pirates, in all Disney parks is always my favorite dark ride, and this one, happens to be the best 10/10
Jason McLaughlin
Despite the majority of it being in French (a langauge I have the basic understanding of), this is still far and away the best version of Pirates of Caribbean at any of the Disney parks. It doesn't matter that any of the movie characters appear as this is as close as you'll get to the original conception of the ride. It has two great but quite short drops in the dark (bit scary for the little ones) but it's the longest version too. Far better than the Orlando one that is just too short IMO.
Having been on the one in Florida I can say that the one in Florida is better as it has characters from the movie in it! Last time I went on this one it just had random pirates. 6/10

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