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Space Mountain: Mission 2

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 55 inches

Photo of Space Mountain: Mission 2

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2005 saw one of Europe's most famous rollercoasters get a complete revamp. Space Mountain: Mission 2 gives the Disneyland classic a kick into the 21st century. This time, you're going further into deep space, for a high-tech adventure to the edge of the universe. Advanced technology gives this high-speed ride even more to look at, and Michael Giacchino, composer for Alias and The Incredibles ensures the accompanying soundtrack is suitable dramatic.

Hector Gonzalez
Much better compared to Disneyland and Magic Kingdom versions
Amy Tucker
This is quite the intense indoor roller coaster. The effects are well done - so well done that you never once see the track. As a result, I became quite disoriented and dizzy (not common for me). The ride is also a little rough but nothing to complain too much about.
Ian Robinson
An exciting, fun ride with plenty of loops, drops and effects. A bit bumpy but not uncomfortable. Great design, but I think Mission 2 lacks the magic of it's predecessor.
Matt Kutylo
It goes up-side-down...big deal. Rough track.
Dominique Mol
To me it is the perfect rollercoaster, Vekoma rides are known to get rough after a couple of years, but besides that the rides and theming is just completely perfect. I do look forward to the new restrain system rumoured to be installed late this year! Hopefully it will make the ride more comfortable.

I do miss the music of the first version though, it was a little more energetic en dramatic than the new music.

I also read on one of the comments that the ride got fasyer with more loops? That really isn't the case.. perhaps it seems like that because of the new effects, but the rides itself never changed, only the theming and special effects.

Sean Huckel
A good attraction that falls just short of being great. The queue is a bit bare, and the ride a bit rough. But the theming and music are really great.
Big Cohube
I LOVE all the Space Mountains, but, although this one's the most thrilling, and has some of the if not THE best theming of the space mountains, it gets VERY bumpy at times 8/10
Jason McLaughlin
Faster more intense version of Space Mountain than the Magic Kingdom version. This Mission 2 ride is even faster than its previous incarnation but more loops and twists. However it still has the problem of being quite a bumpy ride and the headrests are still awful which cause your head to be banged around quite a bit during the ride. So because of that, I can only give it an 8 instead of a 9.
Much better than the one in Florida to be honest. 8/10

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