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Simulator ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Board a flight-simulator "starspeeder" for a Star Wars-themed space adventure.


I really miss this ride back in the states and it is still quite fun! I really enjoy the queue and the mix of English and French in the ride.
It was great!
Fun to ride the original star tours again, but I was excited to hear Pee Wee Herman, and then disappointed when it was in french. Oh well. I was surprised when they had like 6 Starspeeders, but only 2 operational. As with most of this park and its rides, better management could be used to clean the ride car between rides, as the floor was filled with trash that flew all around during the ride, though honestly that made the ride more exciting. Would have rather ridden Body Wars, but star tours will do.
While this ride has seen its better days (I wasn't convinced that my seatbelt was going to unbuckle after it was over), it is still fun. This is the "classic" Star Tours and, while in French exclusively, still makes for a fun ride.
A great ride (and an even better queueline). Only problem is all the dialogue is in French so the story is lost on non-French speakers and as such it's not as fun as it could be.
As a life long Star Wars fan, it was great to ride Star Tours again on my latest visit to DLP but the ride film has seen better days. It was full of visible lines and scrathes throughout the print and really took me out of the experience. Let's hope that DLP take the time to finally update this version to the 3D version now in use over in Orlando and California as this version of Star Tours badly needs an upgrade.

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