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Blazing Fury

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Dark ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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A fire engine themed dark ride through a burning town has a big surprise in store for first time riders.


I would love to see this ride updated. Its one of my favorites! Does Dollywood have a suggestion box? Lol

Why did they take the splash out at the end? That was one of our favorite parts and it really added to the story line of putting out fires. I agree with others that the animatronics are in major need of updating and had to laugh at the poster who said they looked as if someone stole the mannequins from old navy. Too funny! Cause it's true. ;-)

Keep blazing fury, but update please! Even Disney kept the pirates ride but gave it a beautiful face lift.

I know up front that this ride is historic and is not very thrilling but I honestly think that the ride needs a big touch up to please the guests. The maniquines in the ride look like they where stolen from old navy. The rides story is also hard to follow. Here is a Tip for dollywood- if you want to keep a ride because of its history then maintain it.
Loved the ride as a kid growing up. Blazing Fury in the late 90's was just an awesome ride. The water effects were great it was very dark inside, except when the scenes were occurring. As time has gone on it has really done a number on the ride. First the water was taken out of the ride, then the effects began to break down, the speed out of the first drop was slowed down, and finally more light is coming into the building allowing you to see whats coming from a mile away. Just disappointing to see such a great ride fall into this state.
Sure, it's a classic, but how about replacing this ride with a "sequel" to Blazing Fury? Here's my idea: a new trackless dark ride system, interactivity, more realistic animatronic figures, more realistic practical effects (real flames, etc.), and maybe some 3D.
This is the hockiest ride ever. That makes it so fun. It just seems classic. The animatronics are so terrible they are fun. The second drop was surprising. It was fun and fast. The indoor sections while cheesy were impressive at the end. 8/10
It is a classic indoor ride at Dollywood, that I have been riding for a lot of years. It has a small hill. Lots of fun sceans inside and a run away train coming right at you. Very fun.
Well, it's not exactly the kind of coaster I adore, but not every coaster is a Wild Eagle, Mystery Mine caliber. Good family ride, and the drop is pretty unexpected. Also, I'd say it's a classic.
I was actually scared the most on this ride than any other at Dollywood. It was dark and confusing at points and I didn't know when the drop was. Very corny animatronics and audio, but a really fun classic! Love it! 7/10
Blazing Fury is a dark ride that uses a coaster train to propel riders slowly past various scenes of a town in serious trouble. Overall the ride is quite fun and imminently repeatable. Keep in mind that this ride is not a fast moving indoor coaster, but a slow moving dark ride with a few thrills thrown in for good measure. Commendable.
It is a classic at Dollywood. I remember riding it as a little kid and thinking it was fun. Now, as an adult, I agree that it needs to be updated. It shouldn't be changed much because I like the idea of keeping a classic ride at Dollywood, but even my 5 year old wasn't that impressed.
This ride needs to be updated. The ride is somewhat rough, but fun. The scenes are bad. It is hard to understand a story other than a town-wide fire. The worst dark ride i have ridden. It's worth riding once, but that's it. 6/10.
Good in a campy sort of way. Hoped for some longer free coasting time, but it's a fun ride.
Great ride! I have tons of fantastic memories with this ride! I remember when I was little and I cried everytime before I went on it. It's one of my favorites at Dollywood! It should always stay there.

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