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Mountain Slidewinder

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Flume ride
Minimum height to ride: 39 inches

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Foam toboggans take riders down a watery trough.It's a long hike up, but some say it's the best non-rollercoaster, fast thrill-ride in the USA. You will get wet and possibly drenched to the skin!


Love this ride, and I have been loving it since I was 5 years old. Yes it is a long walk to the top, but it wont kill you if you are moderately in shape. Well worth the walk to the top and as close as you get to Wild Eagle now on the way up its a bonus. The heavier your group the faster you will go and the wetter you will get so take that into account when heading up for the ride.
One of a kind family thriller. Avery fun, fast tobogin style water ride. You will get wet. A long walk up a mountain and a long fast wet ride dow. Really fun. The best water ride out there.
The Slidewinder is a one-of-a-kind family thriller. The waits can be prohibitive, but this combination coaster/water slide is definitely worth a visit just because it is so unique.
Another Dollywood classic. This is a very fun ride, especially with your family! The hike up seemed longer as a kid, but it really isn't that bad, and it is totally worth it. I'd understand if it was a short ride, but it is not. You'll be smiling and laughing the whole way down!
This fun ride can a variable experiences. The more people that are in your boat, the faster and rougher the ride will be. The walk up is not bad unless you have been walking and this is the last ride of the day, but if you can walk from the park entrance to the ride with ease, then you can easily walk up the hill. 8/10.
Great ride! I think it's worth the long walk up to it! My mom doesn't like hardly any rides and still loves this!

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