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Mystery Mine

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The U.S.'s first roller coaster based on the Gerstlauer's Euro-fighter design, which combines an intimate guest experience with hair-raising 95-degree drops, vertical lifts, and multiple inversions. Located in Dollywood’s Timber Canyon area, Mystery Mine is themed as a long-abandoned coal mine with an eerie past. Mystery Mine utilizes a state-of-the-art show experience built on special effects, audio and lots of excitement.


Loved the ride when it opened however, lately it has become much more rough to the point of being uncomfortable. Granted I am much larger than most patrons, 6'6 and 255lbs, but I feel smashed down in the restraints. The ending brake run brings you to a stop just a bit to hard. Overall though a good ride that I will continue to ride when I visit. (Update) I'm not certain but the restraints may have been changed since late last year. In the past the ride had a system of lights that would indicate if the restraint was down far enough, two lights you are good to go however, now you must get all three. With that change people of larger stature are unable to ride. As stated earlier I am 6'6 and workout intensely nearly everyday, due to my shoulder and chest size I can no longer ride, so if you are similar to me take this into account.
9/10. The AA vulture is great for all and the ride itself: -repeat first 4 words-. The ride is thrilling, fast, very well themed, fun, scary, surprising, and weird. But, on a recent visit, both the fire effect and the spinning cog near the beginning if the ride were not working. To me, this is kind of a Yeti situation...
This has to be the best coaster/dark ride combination ever built! The attention to detail in the theming is unmatched, and the coaster itself is truly a beauty.
WOW!!!!! What great theming, layout, and drops. I will tell you that this is maybe the best in the park, I think Thunderhead might be better. I will analyze the whole ride. The first themed section is Disney standard. I have been to Disney and trust me it is. It has good dips and great turns. Then comes a small vertical lift. Then comes a few small turns, and afterwards the drop. This tiny little 95' drop is the third best drop I've been on below Millenium Force and El Toro. It just so great and intense. It is best of all in the middle of nowhere and unassuming. Then comes a small over banked turn and some rough but very funturns back into the mine. Then lightning strikes around you. You start up a much bigger lift, vertical. It has a screen on the top of it that shows a tower falling on you. At the top of the lift, fire erupts around you. It falls down another 95' drop much bigger but not half as good. It is followed by a great twist and sidewinder, er half twist then half loop. The second inversion has such great hang time. It feels like you are up there for 10 seconds. It is a great ride and probably the best in the park. It is in my top 15. The best seat is in far right, front row. 10/10
Mystery Mine has some of the best theming I've seen. Suddenly Dollywood has major coasters like this. It was my favorite coaster of all time for a little bit, then I made my way to Ohio. And I went south to see better theming. But still, this coaster is really a good one.
Amazing. A Disney or Universal standard coaster at Dollywood. The theming is excellent, and it offers a great dark-ride portion and a great roller coaster portion. The final drop and inversions are amazing.
Great themed coaster and the most memorable ride in the park. The first half of the course is a bit of a waste, and it can be painful if you don't keep your neck straight, but it sets the proper eerie tone. Get through the first few starts and stops, and you will be rewarded with a brilliant finish. Overall this coaster is better than the sum of its parts. The first half of the ride can definitely use some improvements but, regardless, it is a stand out attraction in its current form.
Great ride! Love the theme and I love how it takes you straight up!

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