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Tennessee Tornado

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Steel triple loop coaster

Jordan Driver
My biggest issue with the whole ride is its length. There is plenty of room they could have expanded it by about 1000 more feet and had and excellent ride. Its very intense and very smooth for an Arrow coaster. Love the massive loop and the "Iron Butterfly". My first looping coaster and a sentimental favorite
Jorge Arnoldson
Small cars/seats, but surprisingly smooth!
Edward Morgan
This is the smoothest Arrow I've ever ridden. It was short though. I loved the tunnel drop, but the length put it pretty low on my favorite rides list. I enjoyed Vortex at Kings Island a lot more because it was much longer. I do wish I could have seen a longer Tennessee Tornado. A vortex layout Tennessee Tornado would be great. I wish Arrow could have tried it. 7/10
Joe Schwartz
I love the Arrow built Tornado. A very smooth ride. Fro an arrow caster. Built on a moutain fairly good speed. The over the shoulder restraints are comfortable. Theday we were there the park was empty, som we managed to get the front seat bot times we rode it. A lot more thrilling.
Bradley Keith
Great and well preserved Arrow coaster. Loch Ness and Tennessee Tornado are the best of Arrow's loopers. Tornado was made right before Arrow started having their troubles, so this is basically the most modern Arrow looper out there. As a result, it's smooth, and overall very fun. 8/10
Bryce McGibeny
The best arrow looper out there. It's relatively smooth and the first drop and loop are impeccable. The last two loops are very intense but fun. Too short though. 9/10
James Rao
A compact Arrow looper that ends a bit too abruptly for my taste. Still, a good ride, worth your time on any visit, and it does not have much of the head banging that accompanies most Arrow rides.
Stephanie Warlick
I love the Tennessee Tornado. It was one of the first big coasters I ever rode. I agree that it is rough in some spots and could be a bit longer. But it is so very fun!
David L.
A good ride. Slightly rough in some parts, but fun. It is far too short but the first drop is worth the short line. 7/10.
Cass Davis
Fun ride!! It has a really good first drop!

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