House of Blues

Table service

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A non-stop wild jazzy restraunt with styles that would makes the Blues Brothers proud.

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I am disappointed in the decision to cheapen up the dishes. The Jumbalaya was an extremely good dish at one point and the last time we took out of town guests it was very poor. The chicken was dry and tough as were the very small portions of sausage. The total meal size seems to have been cut by 25% or more. It is a shame. My advice is to pass on HOB. There is much better fare to be found. It is important to note that while cheapening up the menu, the prices seemed to remain the same. - Mark Hollamon

Food here is pretty good, but the draw is the live music! - Anthony Murphy

If you like the Blues you'll love this place. Vibrant atmosphere, good food , good bar,excellent service and live bands. Their House is most definitely my House ! - Rob P

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