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Raglan Road is an Irish Pub & Restaurant, open for lunch, dinner and late-night light meals in the center of Downtown Disney's Pleasure Island.

Dinners include classics like fish 'n' chips and bangers & mash.

The nightly entertainment includes storytelling and live bands.
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Pretty standard pub food (so not too exciting), but they have a few dishes which are really good. its really a hit or miss with the food, but hey, its a Pub with the beer and the music so if you want those two things, they have them and its all good! - Anthony Murphy

With Pleasure Island's clubs closed down, this has become the best drinking location at Downtown Disney. There are usually live musicians and dancers performing traditional Celtic fare, and the atmosphere is rowdy. The menu includes some of the better food available in Downtown Disney, so this is worth a stop if you're in the mood for a taste of Ireland. 8/10 - Commendable - Joshua Counsil

I have only ever eaten lunch at Raglan Road, but once I started the tradition it was impossible to stop. Every time I visit Orlando I go to Raglan Road and every time I visit there are three things I always order, three things that are always amazing, and three things I call the Holy Trinity of Food: 1) Scallop Forest - Forks of battered scallops served with lime dipping sauce, 2) Fish 'n' Chips - Fresh beer battered Fish'n'Chips (what I like to call partially hydrogenated magic) served with a tartar sauce, 3) Ger's Bread & Butter Pudding - Like no other bread pudding you have ever tried. Eat at Raglan Road, it is impossible to be disappointed if you follow the three step plan for dietary success I have listed above. - James Rao

Raglan Road was recently opened in the Kansas City Power & Light district, which is near where I work downtown. I do frequent the restaurant, so I wanted to try this one in Downtown Disney. It did not disappoint at all. I recommend the fish & chips and, if you manage to save room for dessert, get the bread pudding...even if you don't like bread pudding, get it anyway. - Carl Stovall

Two words and an amperstand: fish & chips. The best on the planet. And I live in one of the three places I could eat them every day. Don't be jealous... No, really don't be jealous, I live in Kansas City, Missouri (often pronounced the same as "misery" by the locals) -- offer pity instead (or a plane ticket to WDW). Excellent restaurant in both Kansas City and Orlando, and still waiting for my plane ticket to Dublin. - Rocklin Terrell

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