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Fata Morgana

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Boat Ride

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This dark-ride is from the outside a majestic arabian palace with an own square with fountains and an event ballroom. It starts with guests boarding 20-passenger boats and floating slowly into a scene of forestry, so one could be forgiven for thinking that this is just another Pirates of the Caribbean rip-off. However, when a wizard suddenly appears and opens up a new gateway, this becomes a 1001 Nights themed showcase of special effects, including more innovation than most Disney dark rides. From out of the jungle you arrive in the forbidden city. There you´ll see an arabian market, slavery and prisons. Also you will go through a luxery arabian palace and through the treasure chamber garded by a giant. A clever ride that shouldn't be missed.


This is one of the best dark rides I have been on! Impressive theming and an efficient ride system are what makes Fata Morgana great.
It's like a shorter version of Pirates of the Caribbean with an Arabian theme. AKA it's a very good ride.
Sooooo much detail & animatronics! We had to go through a second Time to take it all in!

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