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A ten-minute show that takes place in a huge indoor mock graveyard, and set to Saint-Saens's chilling Danse Macabre. The actually show, however, is not nearly so dramatic as the soundtrack. It starts well, with a hanging body bouncing up and down, attatched to a church bell rope. After this however, the show comprises mainly of less impressive animatronic tricks - such as opening and closing coffins, and shaking trees - being repeated over and over. The biggest mistake is the lack of a climax of any sort, which should a priority for any show of this kind. Skip it, unless the queue is small.

EDIT: This is the first attraction of the Efteling. It's 25 years old, and still very good. Most people walk by, becouse very few knows this is something.


This is a very dark attraction. I literally couldn't see in front of me in the line and had to guess where to go. The show itself is a fun musical adventure that is unique and worth checking out.
This is not your typical Haunted attraction.
You walk into the castle ruins into a holding area. It's extremely dark and while you wait there are some surprises. When the doors open a huge, highly detailed scene is visible. An old monastery and church line the back and sides and a huge graveyard in front that partially goes a level down.
The bell tower rings and classical music starts a 10 minute show where the scene starts to come to life.
The only downside is you stand all the time but it's worth it. It's an unusual spectacle.

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