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One of the original attractions in the park, this is a huge assortment of scenes from classic fairytales. A visit to Efteling is not complete without a trip down Sprookjesbos. This natural forrest houses several fairytale castles and villages where fairytale scenes can be watched.

The fairytales how they are in the forest:
-Sleeping Beauty - the castle where she sleeps
-Gnome village - This is the place where Gnomes live
-Long nek - One of the 6 servants
-Little red riding hood - Grandma's house, with a wolf in bed...
-Red shoes - Karin has been bad, and the magic shoes let her dance forever, till her feet were chopped of... Now they still dance here...
-Troll king - Nobody knows who this king is, where he comes from and what he says...
-Rapunzel - This girl is locked in a tower without a door. A witch gives her food, by climbing up her hair!
-The little Mermaid - Just a statue
-Irritable dragon - Dont touch his treasure...
-Wolf and the seven Goats - See this happy house, six goats are playing a game, one is hiding in a clock... The wolf is coming!
-Hansel and Gretel - Hansel is in his jail, Gretel feeds him, and the witch is in her house
-Mistress Holle's well - Look in her well, then see the story of a good girl in a strange coutry, and her lazy, jalous sister after...
-Table, Donkey and the Stick - See the magic donkey, table and stick! The donkey can shoot gold from under his tail, the table makes food and the stick can beat bad people!
-Mirror mirror on the wall - See this famous mirror, and the tale it is in...
-Snowwhite - Here lies Snowwhite, with the dwarves around her...
-The Frog prince - The frog prince get the princess ball from the lake
-The Magic Clock - Look what happens if you try to steal from a mighty wizzard!
-Indian Waterlillies - 7 starchilds didnt listen to there mother, the moon, and were changed in waterlillies. Every night they have to dance for the witch...
-Sprookjesbos theater - A fairytale show
-Tom Thumb and the Giant's boots - See how Tom is stealing the boots
-Rumpelstiltskin - What was his name again?
-The little match girl - See this poor girl die from the cold...
-Fakir - The fakir flies on his magic carpet, raising the Sultans flowers
-Chinese Nightingale - The Nightingale saves the Emperor from death...


Yeah, if you've got kids, this is the must-do attraction. Even without them, I spent at least an hour here exploring and marveling at the special effects and stories.
In my opinion, the absolute world top rated fairy tale forest.
Every single tale represented deserves it's own full description and rating. Most of the oldest are a modest suggestive scene in the open air. Others, also in the open air or with an entrance just undercover, bring the concise full story. But there is a range that actually offer a complete indoors (or outdoors) animatronic & multimedia show on the highest storytelling level.
Most striking examples are : Indian waterlillies ; The little match girl ; Chinese nightinggale ; The Emperors new clothes (not in list above !) ; Cinderella (not in list above !) ; Table, Donkey and the Stick (on smaller scale).
Coming in 2016 is : Pinochio, which will offer an outdoors and an indoors experience !!

Kids love to sit down with the "Sprookjesboom" , which is a full size Tree-animatronic telling tales after going interactive with the kids. It's a duo-production with Eftelings own TV show, bearing the same name.

The average walk trough without stopping (Scenic tour) takes 25 minutes. A full all shows experience can easily take up over 3 hours dwelltime !

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