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Known for its massive animatronic dinosaurs, this pavilion features a unique moving theater, which carries 80 people in each of six vehicles that glide through the pavilion, guided by a thin wire underneath the pavilion floor. Originally sponsored by Exxon, the pavilion closed temporarily in March 1989 to remove a preshow film reference to the Exxon Valdez tanker after its Alaskan oil spill. In 1996, Disney revamped the attraction, renaming it Ellen’s Energy Crisis, and later, Ellen’s Energy Adventure. You’ll join Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy as they travel through time to explore the past, present, and future of energy. After a preshow that sets up Ellen’s “dream,” you’ll enter the theater to travel back in time to face life-sized dinosaur animatronics, as you learn exactly where all those fossil fuels came from, anyway.


If you need a place to kick back your feet and cool off for forty-five minutes, this is a great attraction to visit. It's not the most amazing ride, and it could use updating or complete replacement, it's fine for what it is and what it aims to do.
The pathetic part here is that Disney has a super high tech trackless ride technology they use for Winnie the Pooh in Tokyo and Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland, but they've left this ride with 70's-era tech -- and about 70s-level excitement as a result. The script is dated and not funny and NO ride should be 45 minutes long. And the film content is just embarrassing, referencing oil rigs after the BP disaster and selling fossil fuel for a (no longer present) oil company sponsor. Skip it!
Not the flashiest attraction, but Ellen and Bill Nye keep it moving! Personally, I would like to see an updated video, but keep the characters!
Worth it for the length alone. At 45 minutes long, this is a great break from the heat with the always fun Ellen Degeneres and Bill Nye. 8/10
Ellen's Energy Adventure is complete brilliance from beginning to end. Although the Jeopardy set and the appearances of the actors playing themselves are quite dated, the fantastic narration and commentary by Ellen DeGeneres keep everything seeming fresh. I haven't noticed any problems with the projection of the films, and the dinosaurs look as amazing as they ever did.
Could someone please put this ride out of it's misery.
Ellen's Energy Adventure is a fun look back at how energy came about. Although 45 minutes long. The ride seemed shorter than that to me. Ellen Degeneres does well at providing laughs in this ride. I actually like this ride and dont care what people say, it shouldnt be scrapped.

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