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Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Motion Base Ride
Minimum height to ride: 44 inches

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Blast off to Mars in this elaborately-decorated pavilion themed to an astronaut training mission. Hosted by Apollo 13 star Gary Sinise, your trip through the pavilion leads to a ride in a mock space capsule, designed to briefly simulate some of the experiences of launch and spaceflight. Of course, “something goes terribly wrong,” so be prepared to help save the mission. The pavilion also offers a variety of interactive post-show activities.

Do note that this is a centrifuge-type attraction, based on the spinning machines used to train astronauts to handle high G-forces and weightlessness. On this ride, you will experience 2.5 Gs of force over a sustained period, followed by simulated weightlessness. If you have high blood pressure, are significantly overweight, or have any history of heart problems, you should not ride the spinning “orange team” version of the ride. Choose instead the “green team” option, where your ride vehicle does not spin and you’ll experience none of the extreme G-force or simulated weightlessness. The capsules are a tight fit either way, so anyone with claustrophobia should just skip the whole thing.


My personal second favorite Epcot ride. You'll experience more G-Forces on most coasters but the Gs on this ride are sustained. So while on a coaster you will get a second of 4gs, on Mission SPACE you will get 5-15 seconds of 2.5 sustained gs. Awesome!
A true one-of-a-kind space experience. This is a very cool thrill ride that just feels so real. The feeling of blasting into space is just exhilarating. The theming is quite good, as is the queue. The g-forces are also very cool. There are two versions: green (less intense/no spinning) or orange (more intense/spinning), if your can stomach can handle it, do the orange, it's super fun! The green version is still really good, though. While it replaced a truly great attraction, Horizons. Mission: Space is still a great ride that you should definitely do while at Epcot, as I said it's a one of a kind. 7.5/10
I used to love this one as a kid, but I don't really love it anymore. The preshows always feel too long for such a short attraction, and the ride itself can be a bit underwhelming. Aside from the great moments with the high Gs, there isn't much there. The part with Mars is unexciting and feels a bit forced. However, I still would suggest riding it while at Epcot. 6/10
Awful. I can't even begin to explain it. A claustrophobic's nightmare. It's the worst ride in WDW. Avoid it at all costs. Bring back Horizons please!
This was once a beautiful ride called Horizons, which took you through the visions of the future. Horizons was a beautiful, detailed, engaging ride. It got transformed into the worst ride in Walt Disney World, and maybe the worst Disney ride period. MISSION: Space. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life (maybe I need to get terrified more). I wasn't scared of the thrills, but the setting. You are locked in a tiny capsule with a huge restraint. I couldn't move my body. Everything was so enclosed, I started to have a panic attack. Just then, we blasted off and the launch wasn't thrilling, or fun. It was INTENSE. I felt dizzy and disoriented right away. I couldn't move. The capsule continued to be intense, and the g-forces felt bigger than on Rock N' Rollercoaster. The ride ruined my day, as the impact from the ride continued to affect me the rest of the day. SKIP IT, TRUST ME.
This is in my epcot top tens.1: Soarin, 2: Test Track, 3: Spaceship Earth, 4: Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the three cabraellos, 5: Mission Space, 6: The Seas with Nemo and Friends, 7: Ellen's Energy Journey, 8:The Land Ride, 9: Imagination, 10: Impressions de France. Mission Space gets a 10/10.
Basically a centrifuge with a space/colonizing Mars theme. It has two separate experiences: Orange, which is the full, crazy G-Forces experience, and Green, which is a considerably less intense experience all around and is mostly just there so everyone can experience the ride and not be left out waiting for their more intrepid (or healthier) friends/family.

When they say you shouldn't go on the Orange side if you have even the faintest glimmer of a thought in the back of your mind that you may have some kind of undiagnosed problem, they're not kidding. Just do the Green side.

On the other hand, if you're fairly young and in good health, this is a fun experience. Orange side does NOT mess around. You WILL feel like you're leaving Earth's gravity.

I enjoy most rides I go on, no matter how boring or how long the wait was, but Mission: Space was a terrible ride. The theming is okay, they make it feel like you're about to ride something really special. But you're not. You go to this big room filled with these contraptions that shake you all around and make you feel claustrophobic. In the end, you just feel ill and like you're wondering where the good part of the ride is. I did ride the more advanced one (Orange Team), so maybe the Green Team (less advanced) is better. Still, this ride should be replaced with something good! Maybe something like Dinosaur at AK? In my opinion, this isn't a "must-do" attraction at Epcot.
Overall - 1/10
A one of a kind experience that only disney could make!
As someone who enjoyed the original centrifuge version of this ride but can't take those kind of experiences anymore, I'm glad they now offer a "Green" version without it. (After several deaths and about 200 paramedic calls a year from this ride, you can see why they had to!) The ride is still fun in Green mode and you don't have to sit and wait for others in your party who are doing Orange. You can ride, too. If you're up for the full experience, the Orange trip is quite amazing and unlike any other ride you can have at any theme park anywhere.
If you can take the G-forces, then orange side will give you a unique thrill. If not, the green side will still be a fun ride with mild thrills. 8/10
a fitting ride but it is rough.
Great theming. Immersive ride experience. Buttons that do stuff! Such a great ride. Honestly, removing my nostalgic leanings, this is simply the best ride in the world. Fast, high-g forces, plausable story line, fun. I rode it 20 times or so the last time I was in EPCOT. Not for the weak of will or stomach. If you think you might get motion sick opt out or for the non-spinning version. The sensations are so visceral. 10.1/10

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