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Soarin' reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Soarin', a simulator ride in Future World - The Land at Epcot. (The minimum height to ride is 40 inches.)

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Posted: February 15, 2014

Board one of three massive "hang gliders" for a flight around the state of California while you watch this film copied from Disney's California Adventure theme park. The gliders are actually long benches, which will lift off between 30 and 50 feet into the air, into a massive, 80-foot, domed projection screen. You'll "fly" around the Golden State, breezing along above river rafters, orange groves, golf courses, national parks, and even an aircraft carrier. For the finale, you'll skim above a downtown Los Angeles freeway on your way to a fireworks display at Disneyland, making this the only theme park attraction whose climax is a scene from... another theme park.

The best seats are in the front row, where you'll be highest in the air, closest to the screen and with no one's feet dangling above you. But with such a large screen, every seat allows you to see all the sights (and smell the smells!) in this highly popular attraction.

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Breathtaking !! Fix the long lines - Owen Scott

I feel like this ride was really great when it first came out. I think it is a ride where you only ride it once or twice. It's pretty cool the first time, but the thrill does not return for subsequent visits. Also, the wait times for this ride are almost always ridiculous. Even during extra magic hours the wait times can easily exceed an hour If you do not have time for this ride I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'll give it a 5/10 because it was pretty cool the first time. - Joe Keenen

Maybe I missed the point of this ride, but after waiting 70 minutes I felt it was really average. The tech elements were cool, but it just didn't hit me strongly for some reason. 4/10. - Nick McKaig

This ride is a tech demo, not an attraction. I have no idea why the line for this stupid ride is so long except for the fact there is almost nothing to do in Epcot. - O T

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