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Circle of Life opened in the Harvest Theater on January 21, 1995, as Disney looked to capitalize on the overwhelming success of its animated movie musical, The Lion King, grafting some of the movie's popular characters onto a nature documentary. Circle of Life follows Timon and Pumbaa, as they dam local rivers to create a lake for their planned "Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village." Simba points out that their actions are robbing other animals downstream of the water they need to survive. Then he really rubs it in by telling Timon and Pumbaa that they're acting like a bunch of human beings. Timon and Pumbaa learn the lesson and remove the dam, restoring the environment for all the downstream animals. (Disney animation fans were amused when the whole "dam-blocking-the-animals'-water" thing later became the major plot point in rival Dreamworks' Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.)


A nature documentary inside The Land, all this is, is just a film about the environment and how to take care of it and protect it. Not that there's anything exactly wrong with this film, it’s just very random and mostly boring for most people as far as theme park attractions go and probably isn’t worth your time unless it's a break from the heat, or if you're kids are big Lion King fans. Besides that, it's skippable. 5/10
Better than you remembered it being. An update would be nice, but hey! 20 years of this aint bad!
Not a great attraction; it was mostly like you were being lectured, BUT it is a nice way to get off your feet for a couple minutes.
Overall - 3/10

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