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Located at the exit of The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride, Turtle Talk with Crush consists of a mostly unscripted, real-time conversation between Crush, the 150-year-old surfer-dude sea turtle from the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo, and the audience. Kids are encouraged to sit up front so that they will have a better view of the Window to the Ocean (the movie screen) and Crush. Guests, especially children, are chosen to ask Crush questions and he responds and converses freely with them. Crush looks and moves much as he does in the movie, complete with facial expressions and subtle gestures.


A very fun interactive show for kids and families. Kids will adore this show and the whole family will enjoy this neat show. I think Turtle Talk is just as enjoyable for adults, as part of the humor goes over kids’ heads, and there are a lot of “kids say the darndest things” type moments in each show. The technology is super impressive, and the interaction is unreal. This is probably the best attraction in "The Living Seas." It's such an intelligent, unique experience for everyone to enjoy. 8/10

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