Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 10 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 39 inches

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A Mack Inverted coaster takes you on a ride through the Kingdom of the Invisibles from director Luc Besson’s movie Arthur and the Invisibles.


One of the best themed ride experiences I've had. It competes with Disney and Universal in terms of immersion. The dark ride sections are well done, the roller coaster parts are fun and thrilling, and the overall experience is top notch. This is a top tier attraction at Europa Park and their best dark ride. 10/10, Perfect.
I rode this for the first time in early August after reading a number of brilliant reviews about this new family attraction. And that's just what this ride is, a brilliantly themed and loveable family ride with a nice added touch of a little bit of thrills with the outdoor coaster area. Whilst the use of visual screens and animatronics is not Disney standard, they are of a very high quality as you are taken through the rides story. Having the track going in and around the whole indoor area, swooping over guests is a really nice touch. The best part for me by far was the station and queue line, so much detail and handwork as gone into developing an area where you really feel immersed in the world of Authur. Kids will love it and adults will really take a shine to what is a great addition at an already fantastic park!

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